MAJOR: Haftar’s Libyan Army takes control over Military Camp south of Tripoli


TRIPOLI – The Libyan National Army (LNA), commanded by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, established control of the Yarmouk military camp south of Tripoli, a military source revealed.

“Libyan army forces have established control over the Yarmouk camp, south of Tripoli,” the source said.

On 4 April, Haftar began an offensive towards the Libyan capital of Tripoli from his eastern strongholds to “free the city from terrorists.” According to sources at the LNA, the army took control without engaging in fighting over several regions south-west of Tripoli, as well as the international airport and the city of Sorman, south of the capital.

The Libyan National Union Government Air Force carried out air strikes against the LNA near the old airport in Tripoli.

According to the source who revealed the airstrikes, the operation was carried out in response to the advance of the LNA toward Tripoli.

At the same time, Haftar’s army has also begun an operation in the airspace over the country’s capital, whose targets are positions of armed groups and their war material.

Since 2011, Libya has been divided between the two power centers: one in the east with the parliament and the other in the west with the Government of National Union, made up mostly by the Muslim Brotherhood and formed with the support of the UN and the EU. The eastern authorities operate independently of Tripoli, and collaborate with Marshal Haftar.

Soon after the start of the offensive, the Armed Forces, loyal to the Government of National Union, announced the beginning of a military operation against the LNA.

The UN has called for elections throughout the country, which would allow the formation of legitimate and recognized bodies of power.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US demanded that LNA forces immediately stop the offensive against the city of Tripoli.

Conflict between factions continues to escalate despite talks between Haftar and Libyan PM Fayez Sarraj, who heads the UN-backed National Union Government, in February. During the negotiations, the parties agreed to unite state institutions and hold general elections in the country by the end of the year.

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