MAJOR: Poroshenko moves to stage COUP against Zelensky


KIEV – Apr 24, 2019 The leadership of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, still members of or in alliance with the ‘Poroshenko Bloc’, with the support of some of the deputies, have decided to make a “quiet coup” in the country, under which it is planned to take power from the president and hand it over to the parliament with the Cabinet.

It all started with the fact that on April 21, at the meeting of the conciliatory council, the deputy from “ Samopomich ” Oksana Syroid announced the introduction of the draft law “On the President” to the Verkhovna Rada. At the same time, she particularly focused on the fact that it will deal with the impeachment procedure – a clause that the winner of the elections especially highlighted in her election program.

And on Monday, when Vladimir Zelensky actually won the second round of elections, the entire leadership of the parliament – Speaker Andrei Parubiy and his two deputies, Irina Gerashchenko and Oksana Syroid (who is the author of the bill) spoke about the need for such a law .

Although this document has not yet appeared on the website of the Parliament, the leadership of the Rada declares that the deputies can vote for the law “On the President of Ukraine” tomorrow, April 25th. For the time being, the scandalous document can still be signed by the outgoing president, Petro Poroshenko . Based on the statements made by BPP (Bloc for Petro Poroshenko), he intends to do just that.

FRN notes that taken together with prior reported facts, Zelensky’s victory does represent an issue of sorts for the branches of Ukraine’s oligarchy committed to the path set by those who installed them – the Atlanticist wing of the U.S power establishment neo-cons. In many ways, therefore, these moves, closing in on Zelensky’s powers, discussion of impeachment before even taking office, and the transgression of separation of powers is similar to the response received by Trump.

It should also be noted that these parliamentary moves may represent an effort that is not intended to do much more than force Zelensky’s oligarch backers to spread some support across elements of the BPP. 

Deputies familiar with the text of the document told media that its main goal was to significantly limit the powers of the head of state. In the evening of April 23, in confirmation of this, journalist Alexander Dubinsky published the full text of the scandalous project on his Facebook page .

If the bill is adopted in its current form, the president will be deprived of almost all of his powers, with the exception of Ukraine’s representation in the foreign policy arena. And also retain the right to pardon. However, he will not be able to:

– Submit the Prime Minister’s own candidacy to the Rada. In this matter he can rely only on the proposals of the coalition of parliament.

– A similar rule applies to the post of Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs. At the same time, the president is also deprived of the right to initiate the dismissal of these ministers.

– To appoint and dismiss the head of the SBU (the question is left to the Rada), and also submit to the Parliament the candidacy of the head of the NBU and members of the National Bank (the function is transferred to the government).

– Initiate the introduction of martial law or a state of emergency (the question is transferred to the Cabinet of Ministers).

– To appoint members of the competition commission according to their quota when selecting members of the NKREKU, to appoint and dismiss members and heads of National Financial Services Service, NCRCI, NKTSBFR (all these powers are transferred to the Cabinet).

– To approve the size and deployment of the armed forces, to initiate the commencement of hostilities in response to external aggression (transferred to the Prime Minister).

– To independently form the personal composition of the National Security and Defense Council – it will need to be coordinated with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense.

In addition, the draft document proposes to withdraw from the current legislation a provision that gives law enforcement authorities the right to initiate criminal proceedings against former presidents of the country.

However, this list does not give a complete picture of how the powers of the president will be cut off. If you read the text of the document compiled by Self-Help, the head of state is deprived of the right to make any meaningful decisions on his own.

Thus, the influence of the president on the government in the proposed “Self-help” law is completely zeroed out. At the same time, the authors of the draft law are not embarrassed by the fact that all these restrictions directly contradict the Constitution of Ukraine.

It’s hard to say how high the chances are of adopting a bill in the near future in the parliament. One way or another, it will not be so easy to do this, given the fact that in fact there is no coalition in parliament.


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