MAJOR: UK sends combat helicopters to Estonia to ‘contain very credible Russian threat’ (PHOTOS)


TALLIN, Estonia – The UK has sent five Apache combat helicopters to Estonia to contain a “very credible threat” from Russia, British Sky News propaganda machine reported.

Support for these aircraft will be provided by Wildcat reconnaissance helicopters, which along with Apache will be part of NATO’s program to expand the alliance’s military presence in Eastern Europe.

“Apaches left the UK today to begin their deployment in Estonia as part of the #NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP). They’ll also be working alongside the Army’s Wildcat helicopters on Estonia’s annual Exercise Spring Storm,” British journalist Henry Jones said on his Twitter account.

According to the British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson, the positioning of combat helicopters in Estonia is “really vital.”

“It’s a very credible threat that we see from Russia and part of the reason that we’re deploying five Apache attack helicopters is making sure that we’re constantly adapting to a changing situation,” said Williamson, as quoted by the channel.

“But this is about deterrents. This is about NATO nations standing together in unity as one and you see Great Britain playing the largest role in enhanced forward presence with the largest number of service personnel deployed. The enhancement of that deployment with the Apache attack helicopters is really vital and very, very important and it’s been very warmly welcomed by so many nations,” he said.

On Sunday, the Daily Star reported that two battalions of the Special Air Service (SAS), two years ago sent to Estonia, are monitoring “Russian activity” in the border areas.

During the 2016 NATO summit in Warsaw, the alliance decided to place four multinational battalions with 1,000 soldiers each on a rotating basis in Poland and the three Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), at the request of the authorities of the countries concerned.

Moscow, for its part, has repeatedly stated that Russia does not intend to attack any NATO country, or any other country.

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