MAJOR: Ukraine vs. Donbass Skirmish – 6 killed, more wounded


DONETSK, DPR – An emergency statement from the official representative of the People’s Police of the DPR on 4-19.

The enemy does not give up in its attempts to exacerbate the situation on the front line the day before the second round of the presidential elections in Ukraine.”

So, at about 6 pm, hoping that our defenders were less vigilant, after a false statement by the Ukrainian side about unilaterally introducing the “Easter Truce” regime, the enemy, with two sabotage and reconnaissance groups of 10-12 people, attempted to secretly enter the territory of the Republic. During their attempt, our scouts discovered them.

Fortunately their forces entered a minefield. As a result of the explosion, three Ukrainian militants were killed, two more were injured. Under cover of artillery fire from 152 mm guns, as well as small arms of the second DRG, the enemy tried to evacuate the dead and wounded while in retreat. During the reckless attempt of the enemy to take the position of our troops, their losses amounted to four killed and five wounded. As of 19.00 one soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to be at the site of the explosion.

Unfortunately, during the battle, three of our Heroes gave their lives, fulfilling the duty to protect the Republic. Leading the battle, the company commander, lieutenant S. Pshenichny, E., and junior sergeant V. Zhiltsov, medical instructor, junior sergeant Egalegerdiyeva, LV, were seriously wounded. provided them with medical care. Seeing that the enemy was striving to get closer to the positions, she decided to join the battle. Moving away from the place where the wounded were, Egalegerdieva took fire upon herself, firing at the enemy with a machine gun. 

They did not let the Ukrainian fascists bypass the position from the flank with aimed fire. The life of the sanitary instructor and the fighters was cut short after the military criminals attacked the armed forces unit’s 79 armed unit on the positions of a massive fire attack.

We appeal to the international community and the leadership of international organizations operating in the Donbass. This fact once again confirms all the falsity and emptiness of the statements of the Ukrainian side about adherence to the course of a peaceful settlement of the conflict. At a time when Poroshenko in Kiev loudly announced the introduction of the Easter Truce in order to at least somehow raise his zero rating, the command of the occupying troops, by his secret order, attempted to destabilize the situation on the contact line.

The actions of the Ukrainian side are criminal in nature and are aimed at disrupting the second round of elections for the presidency of Ukraine, during which Poroshenko’s victory is unlikely .

image – stock photo, UAF tank

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