MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: How Can the U.S regain Military Parity with Russia and China?

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WASHINGTON DC – The United States continues to perform poorly in military exercises and the situation does not seem very easy to reverse, since it would seem that it would take about $24 billion a year to reverse the more serious problems.

“In our games, when we fight Russia and China,” RAND analyst David Ochmanek said, “blue gets its ass handed to it.” In other words, in RAND’s wargames, which are often sponsored by the Pentagon, the US forces — colored blue on wargame maps — suffer heavy losses in one scenario after another and still can’t stop Russia or China — red — from achieving their objectives, like overrunning US allies.

He said US bases are vulnerable to long-range missile attacks, making things based on sophisticated infrastructure such as runways and fuel tanks facing tough times, Ochmanek said.

As a result, US forces become overly dependent on vulnerable facilities and large ships, making the high technology of stealth aircraft flying from bases and ships irrelevant, said Robert Work, a former deputy secretary of defense.

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The increased vulnerability of US forces also raises the need to raise extra funds from Congress to try to reorganize their methods of force projection. According to Ochmanek, US forces would need a fund of about $24 billion a year over five years to prepare to face Russian and Chinese power.

For this, the US and its allies would probably need to have many more missiles as well as intelligent weapons, and then think about attacking some enemy. In addition to long-range attack missiles, the country would also need to think of defense missiles to improve its capability against offensive missiles, aircraft and drones, not to mention more advanced weapons such as lasers, thermal, electronics and microwaves, according to The National Interest.

However, rather than perfecting their equipment, the US seems to be looking for ways to cut spending, making its forces even more vulnerable, ie. if the US wants to raise its military level to compete with China and Russia, they would have to invest in the best proposals, especially if they intend to sink 350 Chinese ships and destroy 2,400 Russian armored vehicles in the first 72 hours of a war.

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