Moscow DEFENDS Venezuela – Denounces U.S sanctions against Foreign Minister

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MOSCOW – Apr 27, 2019 – Moscow is outraged by Washington’s sanctions against Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

The US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has also posted on its website on Friday that the US has imposed sanctions on Arreaza and Judge Carol Padilla.

“We were outraged by reports that the United States imposed personal sanctions on the Venezuelan foreign minister, Arreaza. Once again a blatant attempt was made to put pressure on the government of that country and the entire Venezuelan people,” the Russian ministry said.

“We urge the United States to return to the international legal arena, to hold the policy of blackmail and to stop provoking tension in Venezuela. The world community must promote the establishment of an inclusive intra-Venezuelan dialogue,” said the Russian ministry.

The ministry also claimed that Washington is seeking, through sanctions, to prevent international contacts of legitimate authorities in Caracas, including at the UN headquarters in New York.

In January, the United States government announced that it would not recognize the new mandate of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. Instead, Washington came to support Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president, Juan Guaidó.

On January 23, the Venezuelan political crisis worsened due to the self-proclamation of Guaido, the opposition leader and the country’s National Assembly. Since then, several foreign countries have taken different positions regarding support to Guaido or Maduro.

Among the countries that recognize Maduro as legitimate president of Venezuela are China, Russia, Turkey and Cuba. Those who support Guaidó include mainly US allies in Europe, and countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Chile in South America.

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Meanwhile, Code Pink, a pacifist NGO whose participants are actively involved in organizing protests against US interventionist foreign policy in Venezuela, held another intervention.

US Special Envoy for Politics in Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, tried to describe the conditions for a “post-Maduro” Venezuela during an event that was hosted by the Atlantic Council. Abrams appealed to members of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, which supports Maduro, to join the opposition and demand elections.

He stressed that in Venezuela “post-Maduro” would require that the military should be “well paid” and out of politics, and stressed that the Maduro regime must end for Venezuela to regain democracy and prosperity, repeating the official position of USA.

Code Pink’s national co-director, Ariel Gold, was able to enter the room where Abrams was speaking. In the middle of his speech, she stood up with a sign that read “No Coup in Venezuela.”

Gold was booed by people present and the guards pushed her out of the room.

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