Moscow: Pompeo’s statements about ‘Russian interference’ in Venezuela are unacceptable


MOSCOW – Statements by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about Russia, particularly in the context of developments in Venezuela, are unacceptable, Russia’s Foreign Ministry told Sputnik on Monday.

Pompeo said in an interview on April 12 to Mega TV that Russia “intervened” and went against the leadership of the country of Venezuela, further declaring that Russia is a hostile power. Even though Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself illegally in Venezuela as interim president, according to Pomepo he is “the duly elected leader” and that President Nicolás Maduro is “the former leader of Venezuela.”

However Russia did not hesitate to hit back at the delusional ramblings of Pompeo.

“Moscow noted that during the tour of Latin American countries, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made several unacceptable statements about our country, particularly in the context of events in Venezuela,” the Russian ministry said.

“The non-diplomatic ways of the current US foreign policy chief doubt the fact that he views Russian-American contacts at the relevant level as an opportunity for constructive dialogue,” the briefing added.

The ministry also questioned Pompeo’s credentials as the top US diplomat, emphasizing that “a diplomat […] is forced to seek broad consensus to solve problems through negotiation rather than burn bridges.”

Russia supports Maduro as the only legitimate president of Venezuela. The Venezuelan leader referred to Guaidó as a US puppet and accused him of trying to inaugurate an invasion of the United States after Washington tried to force what it called humanitarian aid to the country after imposing disabling sanctions on Venezuela.

According to UN Special Rapporteur Idriss Jazairy, US sanctions have exacerbated the country’s acute economic crisis and could lead to hunger and lack of medical care.

Although the US supports the illegitimate president, the majority of states, including Russia, China and NATO member Turkey, unequivocally support Maduro.

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