Moscow to develop relations with new Sudanese government


MOSCOW – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said that he had “a good conversation” with the head of the Transitional Military Council of Sudan, Abdul Fatah Burhan Abdul Rahman.

Earlier this April 17 a source in the Sudan Foreign Ministry said that Bogdanov will arrive in Khartoum to meet with Abdul Fatah Burhan Abdul Rahman.

Bogdanov noted that “there is a willingness to continue our traditionally friendly relations and continue cooperation and maintain political dialogue.”

“The meeting was good, the conversation was positive, we had negotiations with the new leadership of Sudan: the president and the vice president of the Transitional Military Council,” he said.

Bogdanov also said that after the change of power in Sudan, Russian companies will continue their work in the country.

“We are willing to continue the work of our economic operators in the country for the sake of mutual benefit,” he said.

Days ago Moscow recognized the new Government of Sudan.

“Yes, of course,” said Bogdanov, answering the question of whether Moscow recognizes the new Sudanese authorities and maintains contacts with them.

Sudan is committed to respect all international, regional and local agreements after the transition from power to the military Council, said the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

“There is a desire to have good neighborly ties and balanced international relations that correspond to the high interests of Sudan and the non-intervention in the internal affairs of other States,” the text said.

Sudan experienced a coup on April 11, which ended the 30 years of the government of President Omar Bashir.

The power was left in the hands of the military, which formed the Transitional Military Council, recently headed by Abdul Fatah to Burhan Abdul Rahman, who announced the lifting of the curfew and state of emergency declared earlier.

The Military Council will operate for no more than two years and has already confirmed its obligation to transfer power to a civilian government.

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