Moscow: Ukraine’s electoral debate between Poroshenko and Zelensky is a mass deception


MOSCOW – The electoral debate of the current Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, and his rival Vladimir Zelenski, is another deception to the Ukrainians, commented on Facebook the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakarova.

“The deceit continues to the Ukrainians,” Zakarova said, assuming with irony that “maybe they like to live like that.”

“Luckily, the Crimeans realized everything in time and they escaped from that circus,” she added.

Earlier, Poroshenko and Zelenski met in the debate at the Kiev Olympic Stadium, but they did nothing more than swap accusations.

Currently the candidates are participating in another debate, on television.

In the first round of the presidential elections in Ukraine, held on March 31, Zelenski got the 30.24% of the vote, while Poroshenko won 15,95%.

The second round, in which they will meet again, will take place on April 21.

According to the first survey carried out by the sociological group Rating on the eve of the second round, Zelenski had the support of 61% of the voters, and Poroshenko had 24%.

The Institute of Sociology of Kiev foresees that Zelenski will reach in the second round 72,2% of the votes and Poroshenko, 25%.

Zelenski declared that he will defend the “European election” of the Ukrainians if he wins the presidential elections scheduled for April 21.

“Ukraine chose the path to Europe and it is the most important … I, if the people decide, I will defend the European election,” Zelenski said during the debate with his electoral rival, Petro Poroshenko.

The debate was held at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev and, as stipulated by law, tonight another will be held on television.

Poroshenko accused Zelenski of dodging debates in the same way he evaded the military mobilization in 2014, when the conflict broke out in Donbás.

“He dodged the debates in the same way that the Army ignored four citations from the military police station during the mobilization in 2014,” Poroshenko said.

Poroshenko stressed that “there were many defectors in 2014, but [Zelenski] is the only one of the evaders who now intends to become commander-in-chief” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, he supposed that if Zelenski “is afraid to go to debates with Poroshenko, how will he get the strength and courage to deal with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin?”
Poroshenko added during the electoral debates with Zelenski that he is not ashamed of the five years of his leadership before the country.

“The answer is no, because I am proud of Ukraine and [these] five years,” Poroshenko said when answering Zelenski’s corresponding question.

In turn, Zelenski declared in the debates with Poroshenko, that he is not his rival, but his “condemnation”.

“I am not his rival, I am his condemnation,” Zelenski told Poroshenko.

In addition, Zelenski stated that he crosses his fingers so that the people of Poroshenko’s circle do not stay in politics.

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