NO WHERE TO HIDE: Russian ships monitoring U.S destroyer in Black Sea


MOSCOW – Russian ships are overseeing the activity of the US Navy destroyer Ross who entered the Black Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

It is noteworthy that Russian coastal radio systems began to monitor the USS Ross when it entered this maritime area. Also the patrol vessel Vasily Bykov and the reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs are monitoring the activity of the American destroyer.

In recent years Russia has faced unprecedented NATO activity close to its borders. The alliance considers this “restraint of Russian aggression”. However, the Kremlin stressed that Moscow does not threaten other countries, but will not leave unanswered actions that are dangerous to its interests.

In early April, NATO countries agreed measures to support Ukraine and Georgia in the Black Sea. The document, approved at its meeting in Washington, provides military exercises, information exchange and entrances to ports in the Black Sea maritime area.

The Russian foreign ministry said that increased NATO activity threatened regional stability and promised to react in an “appropriate manner”.

Two days ago, Russian officials reacted harshly to new reports on increased NATO activities in the Black Sea region.

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The increase in NATO activities in the Black Sea impairs regional stability, and Moscow will react consistently, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko promised.

“Of course, we will take all necessary measures to counteract the threats related to the increase in NATO activity in that region,” he said.

Grushko stressed that security in the region “should be ensured mainly through the cooperation of the Black Sea countries”.

With a resurgent Russia and rising China, the end of US unipolarity has occurred that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Because of this, US and its NATO instrument does all it can to contain the growth and influence of Russia, however, it is failing.

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