OFFICIAL: Russia has full confidence Venezuela is capable against U.S military

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MOSCOW – Apr 23, 2019Russian Deputy Defense Minister Aleksandr Fomin said on Monday that Venezuela is capable of facing external military aggression.

“We believe that the legitimate government of Venezuela, led by [President Nicolás] Maduro, has the situation under control, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces are capable of facing external aggression,” Fomín told the RT channel on the eve of the International Security Conference of Moscow, which begins on April 23.

The Deputy Minister of Defense stressed that Russia offers “support for Venezuela, especially in the field of technical-military cooperation.”

“We have several agreements that we respect and assist in maintaining operational readiness, weapons and war equipment,” the deputy minister said in commenting on the situation in the South American country.

Venezuela has been suffering a serious political crisis since January. Along with other western countries, the US supports Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed interim president of Venezuela. At the same time, Russia, China and Turkey, among others, support the constitutionally elected president, Nicolas Maduro, criticizing widespread Western support for Guaido.

The new US actions against Cuba are linked to the failure of the administration of US President Donald Trump to want to overthrow the Venezuelan government, Cuban historian Ernesto Limia said.

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The historian explained the reasons for the new US actions against Venezuela, including Wednesday’s announcement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the cancellation as of May 2 of a previous ban on civil actions of US citizens against foreign companies that use properties confiscated by the Cuban government since the 1959 revolution of Fidel Castro.

On the same day, White House National Security adviser John Bolton announced the application of restrictions on travel of US citizens to Cuba, reduction of family remittances and the incorporation of new Cuban companies to the list of entities prohibited in marketing with the United States.

“The measures against Cuba are linked to the idea of ​​the United States that it will be very easy to act against Venezuela. They really believed that they could overturn the Bolivarian Revolution in 72 hours with all these plans to provide humanitarian assistance and pressure on the borders with Colombia and Brazil,” said Limia.

Limia compared the current situation with the events that occurred in Cuba 58 years ago when the same strategy that is now being applied against Venezuela was used, which includes the appointment of an “interim president.”

“For that they invented a man named Guaidó, who is the same personage of Jose Miró Cardona, that we Cubans had in 1961, when the Invasion of the Bay of the Pigs took place,” said the historian.

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