ON THE OUTS: What are US-Puppet Guaido’s Next Steps?


CARACAS – Venezuela has announced the initiation of criminal proceedings against self-proclaimed President Juan Guaidó. Political scientist Leonid Krutakov explains the possible development variants of the situation.

According to the head of the Legislation Committee of the Constituent Assembly, Julio García Serpa, the judicial process will be conducted by the Supreme Court and the country’s attorney general.

On Wednesday, the president of the Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, explained that the continuation of the investigation process against Guaidó, which had been approved the day before, would mean withdrawing the parliamentary immunity of the opposition leader.

“When two centers of power are created, we have a pre-revolutionary situation. If the official center does not react to that and does not stop it in some way, it will win the alternative center. Everyone understands who is behind Guaidó – to undertake harsh measures against him means the worsening of relations with the United States,” said the political scientist.

“As soon as he [Guaidó] is arrested, the US will react hard, Venezuela will be surrounded, and the troops and the Navy will be moved to the border. This problem should have been resolved immediately,” said the expert.

According to him, the oppositionist will not hide from the investigation in other countries.

“If Guaidó escapes, it will be his and the USA’s defeat. I think he will be forced to go to Venezuela and continue his activities. Otherwise it will be the end of the game – they will create a government in exile, drag it by a long time, give the gold reserves to him. And this will be a game of exhaustion,” he concluded.

Mass protests against current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro began on January 21. After the riots, Guaidó declared himself acting president and several Western countries, led by the USA, announced their recognition.

Russia, China and some other countries support Maduro as the legitimate president of Venezuela.

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