Opinion: Putin needs to eradicate the cancer once and for all – Changes on Ukraine policy are positive sign


Apr 25, 2019 – We’ve seen lots of developments in the relations between Russia and Ukraine in the last couple of days amid the election of Zelensky as a new president in Kiev.

Russian government announced that they are going to restrict oil and natural gas exports to Ukraine starting from June, making it harder for Kiev oligarchs to enrich themselves. Crimean mobile network operators are canceling “national roaming” and finally integrating with the Russian federal telecommunication networks. And, most importantly, Putin signed a directive to greatly simplify the issuing of Russian citizenship to the people of Donbass who have been living in a war zone for the last five years.

Those are obviously positive developments, but many are wondering why it took so long to do all those things, particularly sanctioning Ukraine and making it easier for the Donbass refugees to get Russian citizenship. It should’ve been done way back in 2014.

Why did it take them five years to restrict a hostile pro-American political entity and ease the suffering for the refugees?

I think the answer lies in covert business ties between Poroshenko’s clique and a large segment of the Russian ruling elite who are capable of influencing Russia’s foreign policy.

As such, we know for a fact that former Russian Ambassador to Ukraine, Mikhail Zurabov, was sharing personal business interests with Poroshenko, even before the latter became the president. Zurabov was RATHER passive when the Euromaidan events were unrolling in Kiev in 2013-2014, effectively doing nothing and just observing it all slide into a chaotic regime change. Further, during one of the de-escalation talks in Belarus’ capital, Minsk, the Donbass representatives were under the impression that Zurabov was representing the interests of Kiev, rather than the rebelling regions or Moscow, whose interests he was supposed to represent.

The corruption ran deep. There were so many Russian decision makers who have been fulfilling their personal interests, as opposed to Russia’s national/strategic interests, by trading with Kiev oligarchs, including Poroshenko and his associates. Otherwise, how can you explain that, despite Kiev being a US puppet-state, waging a deadly war against Russian speaking population of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and smearing Russia at all levels diplomatically, Ukraine was still getting discounted natural gas from the Russian Federation, and Poroshenko was allowed to run his Roshen chocolate factories in Russia?

Now that Poroshenko is gone and his clique is slowly being cleaned out of parliament, there’s less of conflict of interest on both sides. Nobody is restricting the nominal “Putin” in his policies against the Kiev regime from within the Russian state apparatus anymore and he is finally free to do the right thing.

I really wish Putin would have enough balls to purge all this cancer out of Russian state apparatus to prevent such systemic issues in the future, but, evidently, that’s too much to ask for.

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