Opinion: Social collapse is America’s fate if the culture wars go unsolved

By Cody Hainsworth

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By Cody Hainsworth – American society has drifted into what appears as a dark age of extreme social unrest.

These are signs of a culture-war brewing, over the cult of political correctness. If these are not addressed in an honest way, the society’s collapse is all but guaranteed. We have experienced outbursts, such as what happened in Ferguson, Baltimore, and UNC Berkeley when Milo Yiannopoulos was going to give a speech.  This, organized by a so-called ‘left’ which once could proudly say they were the defenders of free speech. Now, turned on their heads, they have become its ardent opponents. 



We have experienced terrorist attacks as well, such as the Tree of Life shooting in October 2018. We have political violence such as the recent mail bombs sent to CNN and top democratic party leaders. Of course America has a history of social upheaval, however it was usually due to more readily quantifiable factors, like in the 60’s with the Vietnam war and the Civil Rights movement.  Today we have a chaotic Social climate with multiple moving parts, it’s becoming very difficult for the average person to keep up with the events.

Many believe that the fall of American society will be due to a political or economic issues. Whether the political, social or economic issues will be readily singled out as the reason, the general consensus about that fall in general, is growing. Every day, the American mainstream media, controlled be establishment liberals tells tales of a doomed federal government due to Trump’s actions. Unfortunately, these hysterical liberals are blind to the fact that the state institutions wield too much power for it to just implode from just one man or one movement.  

Although income disparity is at a modern high, most believe they can still pull themselves out of poverty “by the bootstraps”. The American wage-slave has his “head in the clouds” dreaming of the day that he can one day move up and be a part of the ownership class. The American dream is the most effective tool to pacify the exploited working class.

Crumbling social relations are the American regime’s largest weakness. Social relations are race, culture, religion, and everything else that falls into that category. The upheaval we’ve seen recently have been frequent and all over immigration, race and political correctness. We haven’t seen frequent riots like the violent Trump inauguration since the 60’s.

Many liberals appear convinced that this is just part two of the civil rights movement. But unlike in the past, there’s now a disenfranchised white population that feels hopeless. With the shifting of demographics, many politicians are now catering to historical minorities. Such as Beto O’Rourke who is masquerading as a Hispanic to earn their votes. However, this has social ramifications, hence how we got Trump elected in the first place. The mainstream media attacks Trump and his supporters viciously. Clueless of the fact that they are doing the exact same thing that got him elected.  What we’ve seen then, is an uptick in various short-sighted and long-term damaging proposals to see ‘the orange one’ removed at any cost. Trump derangement syndrome is leading liberals to promote the most anti-liberal of measures. After all, the ends justify the means. 

The Electoral College

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There’s been some talk of abolishing the electoral college. Elections are pointless as there is almost no core ideological difference between the two parties.  They both believe in this extreme individualism which is how we got into this mess in the first place. When you treat everyone as an individual, you create a nation of strangers.  A nation which ceases to be a nation when no one cares about the other, the only thing that matters is me. People begin voting based on “how it will benefit me” and not how it will benefit everyone.

To abolish the electoral college shows a breakdown of trust between the Rural “folks” and Urban civilians. If they are successful at disbanding the electoral college, there will be no reason for the small American states to remain in the union and they may decide to leave.  On average, about a quarter of Americans want their states to leave the U.S peacefully, if they had a vote to.

The different value systems that the two groups express has caused much clashing in the culture war. These have been manipulated with success by politicians for several decades, economic issues have been pushed aside. The most pronounced of these issues are abortion and homosexuality. However, successful secession is highly unlikely. A more probable scenario would be a constitutional crisis. Liberals would argue that this happened in the 60’s with desegregation, but then they were still too comfortable to continue the fight.  In this case, they’ll see there’s nothing left to lose. There will be an ongoing crisis until some sort of sensible agreement is made.

Will conservatives do anything to stop it? Probably not. Conservatives are only interested in lining the pockets of the wealthiest, they posed as the moral saviors for rural Americans for a whole generation while ‘economic left’ Democrats became increasingly pro-market and anti-labor. The conservatives did nothing to stop the corporate farm take over or do anything to stop opioid crisis which hit rural America hard.

Race has always played an important role in American society. For the first time in American history, politicians are supporting immigrants more than citizens. This is indicative of the tragic breakdown of trust with the government and its neighbors. Everyone feels as if the other is out to harm them, if this continues there will surely be more riots, more shootings, and more politically motivated attacks. American social relations are at the brink of implosion. Remarkable was the Covington catholic school case. A boy proudly smirked, rather than being provoked into being verbal or even physical, by the aggressive rantings of an unhinged Native American, and the public was enraged in the wrong direction thanks to the hysterical liberal media spreading misleading information.

American government officials aren’t interested in solving any major issues. Instead, they would rather spend their energy preaching and catering to their new religion: liberalism. They worship their new God: The individual. This new religion is the outgrowth of protestant ‘individualist’ and ‘bootstraps’ Christianity and is forced down our throats from day one. The genderqueer phenomenon is a result of secular society with no soul, so many are looking for something in the vacuum where Christianity used to be. Churches are more interested in promoting their new liberalized image than defending their own doctrines.  

With the Universalism of Protestant Christianity, it should be no surprise that it refuses to fight against Liberal individualism as the churches would do better under the globalized culture of liberalism anyway. Protestant Christianity is a natural friend of Liberalism. We could go on and on about feminism, homosexuality, and other new identities that have been exploited in the culture wars. Eventually you end up with two completely different cultures when entities start to clash with each other especially when new manufactured ones clash with the old consensus; this is how we got two different electorates in the United States –  one that went with Trump and the other that went with Clinton. There has been much talk of this in recent months, but there are cultures within these groups themselves.

The United States has become too individualist for its own good. Our social relations have withered away.  The trust between Americans is hanging by a thread. It’s questionable whether there will be one ‘event’ that triggers the final collapse of American society.  Rather, this won’t happen overnight, but what we will experience forthcoming will be much worse than the chaos of any generation before. If the cult of political correctness doesn’t allow a rational compromise and a broad conversation to take place, then the present trend will continue until final collapse. 

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