Osman: Debunking Lies that Nasrallah expects to be Killed in coming Summer War between Israel and Resistance

By Dr. Marwa Osman

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By Dr. Marwa Osman – I made a video on twitter to talk about how Elijah J. Magnier got roasted by Sayyed #Nasrullah in his speech today for writing false claims for Alrai Newspaper Kuwait and pinning them to the resistance secretary general.

Sayyed Nasrullah asked Al Rai to change the position of Magnier to a movie script writer since he has a wild imagination. As I made the video to tell Mr. Magnier what happened, Mr. Magnier decided to block me…for simply pointing out the truth and for asking him to apologize from the readers first for the lies he propagated and from me second because he insulted me yesterday when I tweeted at him about how fake the news in his article was.

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Anyways, I really do not care about his reactions. I care about the people double checking the info in everything they read or watch or listen to first before believing self-proclaimed experts and their wild imagination.

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