Pence complains that China and Russia are blocking US imperialism against Venezuela

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WASHINGTON – US Vice President Mike Pence accused China and Russia on Wednesday of preventing the United Nations Security Council from taking military action against Venezuela, a country he claims is a “failed state” and therefore in need of military intervention so as to ensure that these claims can match the reality.

“Russia and China continue to obstruct at the Security Council,” Mr. Pence said, “rogue states like Iran and Cuba are doing all they can to prop up the Maduro regime,” said the vice president in speaking before this body of the world forum.

Pence explained, without a sense of irony, that the UN was created to make possible the independence and freedom of all its members and emphasized that for six years the population of Venezuela suffered under the hand of oppression.

The UN Security Council, convened by the United States, is holding its third meeting on Wednesday to date this year to analyze the crisis in Venezuela.

The meeting will be attended by the Secretary-General of the World Forum, Antonio Guterres, and Deputy Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Mark Lowcock.

Russia hit back at Pence’s ridiculous claims however with Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, saying yesterday that the situation in Venezuela does not pose a threat to peace and security.

“Today we are witnessing another episode of a multiple-action drama in an attempt to change the regime in Venezuela. The situation in Venezuela does not pose a threat to international peace and security, but external actors directly threaten the peace and security of Venezuela, “Nebenzya said.

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The crisis in Venezuela worsened as of January 5, when Deputy Juan Guaidó was elected president of the National Assembly. On January 23, two days after the Supreme Court overturned his appointment, the legislator proclaimed himself the “incumbent president” of the country, resorting to an article of the Constitution that provides for the figure in case there is a vacuum of power, but not under the argument of “usurpation of office,” as he asserted.

President Nicolas Maduro, who took his second term on January 10, called Guaidó’s statement a coup attempt and blamed the United States for orchestrating it.

Guaidó was immediately recognized by the United States, which was joined by about 50 countries – including Brazil.

Russia, China, Cuba, Bolivia, Iran and Turkey, among other nations, continue to support Maduro’s government.

Mexico and Uruguay refused to recognize Guaidó, declared themselves neutral and proposed a dialogue between the parties to overcome the crisis.

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