Powerful Russian S-500 system now ready for series production

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MOSCOW – Apr 25, 2019 – FRN The development of the S-500 air defense system is in the final phase, which precedes the start of series production, Russia’s Minister of Industry and Commerce Denis Manturov said on Wednesday.

“This is the completion of the development work and the next launch of the series production. I can only tell you that we are in the process of finalizing,” said the minister at the conclusion of the meeting of the state commission for import substitution, that is, for progress of domestic production.

The technical characteristics of the S-500 complex, designed by Almaz Antey, allow simultaneously detecting and attacking up to ten separate warheads of ballistic missiles, which fly at a speed of up to 7 km / s, equivalent to 25,000 km/h.

The S-500 is a next-generation ground-to-air missile system that will be able to intercept ballistic missiles, aerodynamic targets (airplanes and helicopters), and cruise missiles.

This is the update of the state-of-the-art S-400 complex, which is already in service.

Lieutenant General Yuri Grekhov corroborated this news with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

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It is to be remembered that this year, the Russian Academy of Aerospace Force of Russia will form the first Russian officers to operate with the S-500 system. The S-500 tests were released last year.

The S-500 system, also called Prometei, is capable of reaching targets at distances of up to 600 kilometers. At the same time, it can destroy up to 10 supersonic ballistic targets as well as intercept hypersonic missiles.

Grekhov also pointed out that the brand new S-350 Vityaz mid-range ground-to-air missile system is expected to go into service soon as the development of the system and new radar stations is nearing its end.

“Each of these weapons is unique, being designed to solve a wide range of tasks in order to ensure a reliable air and space defense of the country,” said the lieutenant-general.

He also added that all systems were created from modern Russian production components, with maximum automation of all processes and combat operations.

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