Putin’s Russia sees Life Expectancy hit record high


Western media will somehow link this to Hitler and eugenics,  just watch – J. Flores, editor

MOSCOW – The life expectancy in Russia continues to rise and hit a new record: 72.9 years. Among the reasons for the increase is because of the growing life expectancy of rural citizens and the implementation of the national health plan. The data were released on Wednesday by the Minister of Health, Veronika Skvortsova.

“We have reached a new maximum in terms of the life expectancy in Russia, having increased by 0.2 years to all Russians in general, with [general life expectancy up to] 72.9 [years] so far and [ ] of 0.3 years for men, thus reducing the difference between the life expectancy of men and women. The life expectancy of rural citizens showed the most significant annual growth of over 0.3 years,” Skvortsova told reporters.

The minister added in her statement that Russia is showing the best results in the world in terms of reducing child and maternal mortality as well as death rates from tuberculosis.

“[In relation to] tuberculosis, the incidence in adults was reduced by 9%, while the incidence in children was reduced by 14%, and mortality reduced by 15%. The whole world is surprised at this rate of reduction,” he said.

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According to the Minister of Health, infant mortality in Russia was reduced by almost 9%, while maternal mortality was reduced by 8.2%.

The National Health Project, developed by the Russian Ministry of Health, provides for eight directions in the country’s development of medical services, including the improvement of primary health care, treatment of cardiovascular and oncological diseases, and medical care for children, was thanks to medical education; digitization of the health sector; and development of national medical centers and medical tourism.

The Russian federal budget now allocates a total of 1.36 trillion rubles (about $21.3 billion) for the implementation of this program, which is expected to last until 2024. This was spearheaded by Russian President Vladimir Putin who has ensured that Russia does not descend into insurance cartel like the United States.

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