REVEALED: Ecuador ceded to imperialist pressures, broke national and international law with suspension of Assange asylum


QUITO, Ecuador – Marcelo Chalreo, president of the OAB-RJ Social Rights Commission and a member of the National Human Rights Council, revealed in an interview on Thursday that he watched, with deep sadness and indignation, the arrest of activist Julian Assange earlier in London. For him, condemnable in this case was the attitude of the Ecuadorian government.

Assange was detained yesterday morning in the British capital after a decision by Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno to suspend the political asylum granted to the founder of WikiLeaks, who had been a refugee at the Ecuadorian embassy in the United Kingdom since 2012. His arrest would have links with an extradition request made by the United States, a country that felt harmed by having secret documents published by the site of the Australian activist hacker and journalist.

According to Chalreo, Ecuador’s decision to oust Assange from his embassy violates international law rules dealing with asylum cases. He considers “ragged excuses” the justifications of Quito to suspend the asylum.

“The attitude of the Ecuadorean government is an absolutely reprehensible attitude, and the Ecuadorean government should have worked long ago to obtain a safe conduct for Julian, and did exactly the opposite, delivering Julian to the criminals who want to destroy him. This is because of what Julian has reported worldwide about the behavior of US governments over a long period,” the lawyer said in an interview yesterday.

For the expert, the Ecuadorian government yielded to “imperialist, colonialist international pressures” by giving up protection for the activist.

“It is really a deplorable attitude, which does not conform to the international protection rules for people’s rights,” the Brazilian added.

It was thought with the accession of Lenin Moreno to the Ecuadorean presidency that the leftist policies of his predecessor, Rafael Correa. Rather, Moreno has gone on to push for neo-liberal reforms and has been subservient to Washington’s demands.

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