Rodríguez reveals Brazil, Colombia and US are plotting against Venezuela

Venezuela opposition protesters on Colombia border
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CARACAS – Venezuela’s vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, revealed that the US, Colombia and Brazil governments are preparing a military intervention plan against Venezuela.

“US, Colombian and Brazilian officials who plot to ignore the will of the people of Venezuela through military violence incur crimes against humanity and are internationally responsible! Good luck to those Venezuelans who support this crime,” Rodriguez wrote on Twitter.

The vice president responded to an accusation that the Venezuelan ambassador had made against the United Nations (UN), Samuel Moncada, about the alleged meeting of a group of officials from the United States, Colombia, Brazil, private companies and Venezuelan citizens with the aim of “promoting the war” in the country.

Rodríguez also said that the international community should be alert to military action, which the aforementioned countries intend to exercise over Venezuela.

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“The international community and its organs of multilateral legality must know that a criminal plan is under way to militarily attack Venezuela! The pathetic show of recognition of a self-proclaimed ephemeral only masks the intervention of Venezuela x imperial countries,” expressed Rodríguez.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro previously rejected the threats of military intervention that Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, made against Venezuela.

In addition, Maduro asked that the Brazilian military stop the “madness” of Bolsonaro. Both Brazil and Colombia and the US do not recognize Maduro as president of Venezuela.

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