Russia and Arab States agree on Libya stabilization plan

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MOSCOW – The participants at the Forum of Russian-Arab Cooperation agreed to continue developing efforts to contribute to the normalization in Libya, declared the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, at the closing of negotiations held with the Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

“We have agreed to continue working on the normalization of Libya,” said Lavrov.

The Russian foreign minister said that those gathered expressed their support for the efforts of the UN special representative, Ghassan Salame, on the implementation of the Road Map, prepared by him, to contribute to the normalization in Libya.

“The common task of the interested parties is to help the Libyans overcome the existing discord and reach agreements that lead to national reconciliation,” said Lavrov.

Russia works with all the Libyan political forces, without exception, aspiring to contribute to the achievement of said objective, he assured.

The Russian foreign minister also indicated that the complicated situation that exists in the Middle East can be overcome only through dialogue.

According to the Russian Minister, the Forum of Russian-Arab Cooperation, throughout its existence has proven to be an effective mechanism for the exchange and coordination of positions on the key issues of the regional and international agenda.

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Argentinean analyst Guadi Calvo assured that given the situation that Libya is experiencing with the advance of General Haftar over Tripoli, as well as the anarchy that the country has been living since the martyrdom of Colonel Qaddafi, the Arab-Russian Forum that is hosted in Moscow is highly substantial.

“The importance is in the fact that the participants of the Forum try to implement the measures that the West will not implement in any way and then, as always, take advantage of that anarchy,” he said.

For the specialist, Russia plays a fundamental role in the Libya issue, as it has in Syria.

“Russia is the only power that can seek a consensus between Tripoli and Tobruk and start a process of reorganization that is so badly needed by Libya,” he said.

“Practically, the most developed nation in Africa is converted into a second Somalia, hence the presence of Lavrov can contribute a lot to this issue,” concluded Guadi Calvo.

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