VIDEO – Medvedev: Not Liberal when it comes to ungrateful Ukraine – Pushes to Cut-off Oil, Coal and Petroleum

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By Drago Victorien – Apr 19, 2019  – No more Mr. Nice Guy: The last ”unfriendly step” was taken by the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers as they expanded its list of prohibited Russian imported goods. During a government meeting, Dmitry Medvedev described it as just that – an unfriendly step that has now been mirrored in its measures . . . but what about effect? The potentially hard-hitting ban on oil, petroleum products and coal exports to Ukraine may be more than just a cause for concern for the election-frenzied country.

But that is not all. . .

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These counter measures by Russia will also affect certain types of Ukrainian goods: engineering products, light industry and metalworking, the cost of which for the last year amounted to almost $250 million. In regard to this ban, separate permissions are still being determined for those goods that can be exported to Ukraine from the 1st of June of the current year.

Has Ukraine taken one ”unfriendly step” too far?

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