Russia helps Venezuela investigate energy facility attacks, US conducted secret WAR


MOSCOW – Russia is providing all the necessary assistance to Venezuela with the two countries jointly investigating the attacks on the Venezuelan energy sector, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Siromolotov.

We are providing our Venezuelan friends with all the necessary help. According to data from the legitimate government of the country, led by Nicolás Maduro, and according to other reliable sources, Venezuela’s electro-energetic sector was attacked on March 7 this year from abroad,” a diplomat said.

According to the deputy minister, this was remote-controlled interference in the control systems of the main electricity distribution stations, whose equipment was manufactured in one of the countries of the West.

In addition, the diplomat added that “the perpetrators of attacks on power plants were well aware of their vulnerabilities.”

Venezuela has suffered a blackout nearly a week after an accident at the Guri hydroelectric plant. The operation of factories and public facilities was suspended throughout the country.

The other massive blackout took place on March 25 and reached 16 of the 23 states of Venezuela. The blackout left the capital without electricity. Maduro’s government blamed service failures for an organized attack from the United States against the Guri Hydroelectric Plant.

On the 28th the partial recovery of the electricity service was achieved, but Maduro reported that between March 29 and 30 there were new computer attacks that left the country again without electricity.

Venezuela’s permanent representative to the UN, Samuel Moncada, accused the United States of secretly continuing preparations for the use of military force in the Caribbean country.

“Trump’s war against Venezuela is in full swing, although its leaders publicly deny it. It is a clandestine multinational operation, a large-scale crime being planned in the US capital,” Moncada said.

US journalist Max Blumenthal wrote on the Grayzone website, about 40 influential people, including Trump administration advisors to Venezuela, US officials and diplomats, and several South American countries, attended an unofficial organized meeting by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington on April 10.

For the ambassador, it was “a sinister meeting that will be marked in the shameful history of the American wars in the world.”

“At that secret meeting, it was planned how to promote a war against Venezuela,” he added.

“The eagles [reference to the USA] do not publicly acknowledge their participation in this criminal meeting, but their commitment to war is clear in the title of the invitation, the motive is to perpetrate a crime against humanity,” said the representative.

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