Russia pledges to respond to NATO’s increasing aggression in the Black Sea


MOSCOW – Russian officials have reacted harshly to new reports on increased NATO activities in the Black Sea region.

The increase in NATO activities in the Black Sea impairs regional stability, and Moscow will react consistently, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko promised.

“Of course, we will take all necessary measures to counteract the threats related to the increase in NATO activity in that region,” he said.

Grushko stressed that security in the region “should be ensured mainly through the cooperation of the Black Sea countries”.

Meanwhile, the Russian S-400 missiles are one of the most powerful anti-aircraft defense systems in the world. For Moscow, they are a “bestseller”, while for NATO they represent a “real nightmare,” claims journalist Gernot Kramper in his article in the German magazine Stern.

“The United States dominated the global airspace for a long time, however, the S-400 is becoming dangerous even for invisible aircraft. Its features, both in detecting targets and in terms of reach, are impressive”, indicates Kramper.

The exact characteristics of the system are unknown to Western countries. At the same time, their doubts about the ability of these systems to deal with “invisible” fighters were dissipated after the purchase of the S-400 by Turkey and other countries, he points out.

“The presence of only one Russian division in Syria has led to the fact that Western fighters could no longer control the airspace (of Syria), or each combat flight would become unpredictable,” said the author.

In addition, the purchase of the S-400 proved to be more advantageous for Turkey than the possible acquisition of the American Patriot systems, he said.

“The S-400 is considered more advanced than the Patriot system and is also almost twice as cheap,” said Kramper.

Negotiations between Turkey and Russia on the purchase of the S-400 launchers began in 2016. In 2017 Moscow confirmed that the parties signed the contract.

The United States is still trying to prevent the supply of S-400s to Turkey. They threaten with sanctions and repeatedly say that they can delay or cancel the process of selling their F-35 fighters.

However, Ankara continues to say it will not abandon plans to buy such Russian anti-aircraft systems.

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