Russia: ‘U.S doing everything to ruin Venezuela’s economy’


CARACAS – According to the chairman of the State Duma (lower house of the Russian Parliament), Vyacheslav Volodin, Washington did everything to undermine the Venezuelan economy.

The Russian deputy commented on the economic situation in Venezuela during the 140th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, held in Doha (Qatar) from April 5 to 10.

“The United States has done everything to undermine the Venezuelan economy: 30 billion dollars have been stolen in the accounts and indeed stolen belonging to the people of that country, commercial sanctions have been introduced and cyber attacks against vital infrastructure,” Volodin said.

The Trump administration said in January that some Venezuelan state accounts, notably those of the PDVSA oil company, were frozen and could be transferred to Juan Guaidó, the US-backed opposition leader who declared himself interim president two months ago.

On Jananuary 21, mass protests erupted in Venezuela against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro shortly after he took office for the second term.

On January 23, the country’s opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, proclaimed himself acting president, having been supported by Brazil, the United States and several other countries. Maduro received the support of such countries as Russia, Mexico, China, Turkey, Indonesia and others.

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Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on Saturday urged the international community to demand that the United States stop the aggression against Caracas.

“I urge the heads of state and governments of the world to raise their voices […] to defend the demands to stop the aggression of US imperialism against the people of Venezuela,” Maduro said during a large demonstration in Caracas.

Maduro also called on all forces within Venezuela to form a national union to unite the country and jointly demand that US authorities stop attacking the country’s economy.

Venezuela has long suffered from an acute economic crisis exacerbated by US sanctions against the country so that it can undermine the Bolivarian revolution.

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