Russian Embassy in U.S posts massive document responding to Russiagate smears

It is significant that we had to read the German press to find this


Dear FRN Readers,

Doing my morning survey of news in Germany, I came upon a set of samples of US foreign policy, titled

[Aktuelle Botschaften vom Ruhm des Amerikanischen Experiments] 

This covered

  1. The admission by Pompeo that the CIA lies, steals and cheats,
  2. US ambassador Huntsman calling the two carriers in the Mediterranean “100,000 tons of diplomacy,”
  3. Trump pulling out of the International Arms Trade Treaty, adding “Americans live by American laws, not by the laws of other countries;” and
  4. Bolton’s threatening the lawyers of the International Court of justice. 

All old news, but the concluding paragraph of the article was new:

The Russian Embassy in the United States has now published a collection of allegations made by US officials, media and experts that have been proven untrue. In German media you will see little or nothing, since friend and enemy images are already clearly defined. German editions were instead devoted to launching the current season of Game of Thrones.

We invite you to read the pdf, linked at the word “collection” in the above paragraph. It leads off with a forward from V.V. Putin, and from Foreign Minister Lavrov, and then launches into a timeline of the Russia Russia Russia “meddling,” debunking each claim.

It is also on the official site of the US Russian Embassy, titled RUSSIAN EMBASSY SPECIAL REPORT

The chapter Examples of Baseless Accusations by the Media begins on page 27.

The chapter Examples of Groundless Accusations by the Government Officials begins on page 77.

The chapter Examples of Groundless Accusations by Experts begins on page 89

The chapter Debunking Essential Claims of “Russiagate”  begins on page 101

The conclusion starts on page 119.

The conclusion has a link to President Putin’s remarks at the press conference following the International Arctic Forum. We quote:
We said from the very start that this notorious commission of Mr Mueller will not find anything because nobody knows this better than us. Russia has not interfered in any elections in the United States. This is the first point.

Second, there was no collusion between Trump and Russia, which is what Mr Mueller was looking for. I was not acquainted with Mr Trump. Yes, he came to Moscow but as a businessman and, frankly speaking, this was not a big event for us. This is sheer nonsense designed exclusively for domestic consumption and used in the internal politics of the US.

So we knew a mountain was being made out of a molehill, so to speak, because we knew how it would end beforehand. I was telling you this the whole time. Now it has come to pass, but it did not make the domestic political situation in the US any easier. Now new excuses are being sought to attack President Trump.

It seems to me (excuse the digression) that this points to something of a crisis in the US political system itself. Look at what is happening. The groups that are attacking the duly elected President do not agree with the choice made by the American people. They are nullifying the result.

This amounts to a crisis of the political system. We have never seen anything like this in US history before. Yes, there may be a fierce campaign but once a nominee wins, everyone accepts it. This was always the case and all people united around the head of state to meet common national challenges. We are not seeing anything of the kind in the US now. On the contrary, the rift is deepening.

Do you understand what happened? They put their group or party interests above the national interest. This is what happened.

I am not at all defending President Trump. Our positions differ on lots of issues. Numerous sanctions have been introduced against Russia under his administration. Naturally, we do not and will never agree with this and consider it counterproductive. But if full-scale, equitable dialogue between the US and Russia is restored, including the discussion of disarmament issues that are of interest both to us and all humankind, we will only be too happy. We are ready for this.


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