Russian forces to receive 21 intercontinental missiles in 2019

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MOSCOW – Russian troops will receive 21 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) for the mobile and silo complexes of the Yars system, in addition to 10 Bulava ICBMs this year, Viktor Tolmachev, director-general of missile manufacturer Votkinsky zavod, said on Friday.

“As part of the 2019 state defense order, Votkinsky zavod is manufacturing 50 missiles for the Iskander-M missile systems, 21 intercontinental ballistic missiles for the Yars silo and mobile system and 10 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles,” said Tolmachev .

From now on, four intercontinental ballistic missiles for the Yars land-based missile system, as well as 14 missiles for the Iskander-M systems, have been tested, commissioned by the military mission and sent to military units, he added.

The company’s obligations to comply with the 2019 State’s defense order will be fulfilled in full and in time, stressed the Director-General.

The Russian Navy has received 48 Kalibr cruise missiles and 24 supersonic anti-ship cruise missile P-800 Oniks since the beginning of the year, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Aleksey Krivoruchko said.

“In the interest of the Navy, 48 operational Kalibr cruise missiles, 24 anti-ship Oniks missiles and one set of Bastion missile system were commissioned, 24 Fizik-1 torpedoes were repaired,” Krivoruchko said.

The navy will receive three Bastion missile systems this year, said Alexander Leonov, director general of missile manufacturer NPO Mashinostroeniya.

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“In 2019, the company is working on manufacturing and supplying three bastion missile systems and 55 cruise missile anti-ship Oniks as part of the state’s defense order,” he said.

A Bastion system was manufactured and its early delivery is scheduled for May 2019, he continued.

Two remaining systems are in different degrees of readiness,” added Leonov.

Leonov also said that 28 Oniks missiles were fully fabricated for serial deliveries and 24 of them were commissioned by the military mission and were ready for shipment.

These missiles are made in the defense of Russia against any potential aggressors that have the idea of attacking or invading the Eurasian Giant.

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