Salvini and Le Pen to hold joint campaign as European Parliament elections approach

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ROME – Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs of Italy and Chairman of the Liga Party Matteo Salvini, as well as the leader of the French National Association Marine Le Pen can hold a joint rally before the elections to the European Parliament (EP). On this on Friday, April 5, the agency ANSA , citing sources in the Italian Ministry of the Interior.

Politicians discussed the possibility of a joint demonstration during the election campaign before the vote in the European Parliament, to be held May 23-26, the agency said.

“This morning we met with Marine Le Pen in Paris in order to discuss work issues, family problems, environmental protection. We want to expand the alliance of those people who want to change and strive to bring a little common sense to Europe, ” wrote Salvini on his Twitter .

According to The Guardian , next week the Italian politician plans to hold a conference at which supporters of ostensibly right-wing European movements will gather. The event will take place in Milan. Representatives of some parties confirmed their intention to participate in the meeting.

The publication specifies that in recent years, right-wing political forces have intensified in the EU. So, supporters of the corresponding ideology came to power in Italy, Hungary, Austria and Poland. Their popularity has also increased in France, the Netherlands and Germany.

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In January, Salvini visited Poland, where he met with representatives of the ruling party, Law and Justice, which shares the immigration reform and Euro-skeptical views of the Italian politician. Then at a press conference, he said that after the upcoming elections to the EP, a “renaissance of European values” could be established.

“Salvini is trying to present himself as an informal leader of euro-skeptics and populist forces in Europe. However, it is unclear whether it will be possible to form any coalition, given the differences in interests of these political parties, as well as the confused network of already existing alliances within the EP, ” says The Guardian article.

The authors of the piece clarify that populists have contradictions in their views, in particular on the “Russian question”. So, Salvini speaks with the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin, while the attitude of Polish politicians towards Moscow is extremely negative.

On October 18, 2018, Matteo Salvini announced that his associates in the European Union want him to become the next chairman of the European Commission (EC) after the expiration of Jean-Claude Juncker’s term in office.

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