Savchenko will support the comedian over Poroshenko, would accept Defense Minister post

Zelensky -- "Green button of the future"

Savchenko -- Future Defense minister?
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We read in Tsargrad:

The guessing game that remained after  “dark horse” Nadezhda Savchenko’s release from the Ukrainian prison has been resolved. It’s no longer necessary to guess which of the presidential candidates the people’s deputy will support: she come out for the comedian Vladimir Zelensky.

At the same time, answering journalists’ questions, Savchenko noted that she would accept an offer to take the post of Minister of Defense.
Savchenko announced her support for Zelensky on the Ukrainian TV channel Ours. At the same time, the deputy noted that she was confident that the one she voted for would be the president.

She metaphorically pictured Zelensky as “the green button of the future.” In contrast, Savchenko dubbed the current president “the evil of the past.”
At the same time, according to the woman, she will have to vote in the detention facility, since her passport remains there.
However, she is ready to go there again, “already as a free person,” in order to exercise her right to vote.

Savchenko answered in the affirmative to the Ukrainian interviewer’s rather provocative question as to whether she is ready to take the post of Minister of Defense under President Zelensky: “I know what to do as minister, but I have not enough legal knowledge. I would like to have an army that would win the war,” the deputy added.

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The day before, Savchenko said that the victory of Poroshenko in the elections will mean war and a new “Maidan”.

Note that Savchenko also intends to participate in the autumn parliamentary elections.
Earlier, Alexander Shadrin lawyer for Savchenko, said that the people’s deputy, who was suspected of organizing a terror attack, plans to return to work in the Verkhovna Rada.

Recall that on Tuesday, April 16, at 00:00, the term of the preventive measure for Rada deputy Savchenko and the prisoner exchange coordinator Ruban ended. Therefore, the Brovarsky Inter-District Court decided to release them from custody.

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