SBU extorts Businesses in Ukraine-controlled Nikolaev

Secrets of the SBU Prison



Found, translated, and sent to me by FRN’s founder, Kristina Rus!

Maxim Pishenin – the executioner of Nikolaev

– Naspravdi –

Friends in Nikolaev have been telling many stories about the lawlessness, horror and bloody crimes of the “Security Service of Ukraine” in those territories that should be called “temporarily occupied by the Kiev regime”.

In Nikolaev, the Security Service of Ukraine, as in other regions of Ukraine, for five years carried out reprisals against the local population, who dared to criticize the ruling regime. But not only dissidents – also those from whom it is possible to take away a business or simply “squeeze” a business in the interests of some official for small bribes. Or just take it away.

There is a building in Nikolaev at the address 5 Camp field, at the sight and / or mention of which people turn pale and try to stay away, housing the pre-trial detention center of the Nikolaev department of the State Security Service of Ukraine. If the walls could talk, they would tell a lot. But they do not talk, they bleed with bloody tears and are silent witnesses to the tragic fate of hundreds and hundreds of people.

Here is one of many testimonies. For obvious reasons, I omit the name and surname of this Nikolayev resident. Perhaps, and even for certain, the numbers in his account are far from the truth. But I have several friends who have passed through the special prisons of the Security Service of Ukraine and the pits of the Nazi Security Service. So the essence is correctly conveyed, although we will never know the exact number of victims (the author’s spelling is preserved):

– I worked for many years at the “Shipyard named after 61 Communards”. First, a welder, then, after graduating from college, an engineer. At the end of the 2000s, I was forced to leave my native enterprise, the work became scarce, and the family had to be fed. I started a business and the situation seemed to be getting better.

In 2014, my cousin disappeared without a trace. He was an active participant in Anti-Maidan and did not hide his attitude to what is happening in Ukraine. All attempts to find him ended to no avail. It was only possible to find out that he was arrested by the SBU officers right on the street and taken away in an unknown direction. Then it turned out that there are many such examples.

Some relatives of the disappeared residents of Nikolaev were able to unite and begin their own investigation. They found that in cases of kidnappings, many of whom are no longer alive, the head of the main counterintelligence department of the SBU Directorate for the Nikolaev region, lieutenant colonel Maxim Pishenin, who was personally involved in the torture and murder of Nikolaev residents, was directly involved, among others. In particular, it was he who tortured him to death my cousin, and then gave instructions to secretly bury him. The place of his burial remains unknown for the family.

According to our calculations, such is the fate of more than a thousand residents of Nikolayev region.

But that is not all. The SBU in the Nikolaev region and, mainly, Pishenin, laid aside a tax on virtually all successful entrepreneurs. As a rule, many of them were at first accused of having links with the Russian security services, and then they demanded money for the termination of criminal cases. At first, the amount was $ 1,500, and before the presidential elections in Ukraine this year it increased to $3K.

People are afraid to go anywhere because they are scared and afraid of the prosecution of the SBU. Moreover, in 2014 there were cases when those who dared to file complaints with the General Prosecutor’s Office suffered the same unfortunate fate. They just disappeared.

The most cynical is that without the knowledge of Lieutenant Colonel Pishenin, no (!!!) communication is possible between Nikolaev enterprises and businessmen of the “aggressor country”.

In order to supply their products to Russia, and, frankly, to organize a smuggling channel, they are forced to receive “approval” from Pishenin. Of course, this “approval” costs in green paper with many zeros.

In this “business” many employees of the Security Service of Ukraine worked, and Pishenin’s subordinates – officers of the Security Service of Ukraine V.Varvarov, V. Belkin, A. Pogorely, P.Galkin, V.Dobran, D. Babanov.

They fabricate criminal cases for “Russian spies”, then extort money for their termination, and also, of course, help to organize smuggled supplies of products, parts and equipment to and from Russia for certain amounts.

Initially, the SBU accused the businessmen of “anti-Ukrainian activities”, then force them to become their agents, and then, in fact, outside the laws of Ukraine, include them into the supply chain of contraband, including military, to/from Russia.

This is how “Equator” and “Respect Business” supply ventilation and air-conditioning equipment for Russian submarines.

Under the “roof” of the Nikolaev Security Service of Ukraine, from my native Shipbuilding Plant named after 61 Communards, turbine blades are delivered to Russian military ships that are being repaired, including in Sevastopol.

All the huge sums of tens of millions of dollars that could go to retirement, medicine, education, assistance to the poor and other goals, go to the personal pockets of the head of Nikolaev SBU.
The SBU pretends to be a fighter against the “Russian threat”, but in fact it simply crushes the Ukrainian society under itself, intimidates it with repression and massacres, and now benefits from all of us and our grief.

This is Poroshenko “Guard”. And if the people of Ukraine do not deny him the right to be president in the second term, if these murderers, torturers and corrupt officials remain on the ground, nothing will change in the lives of ordinary people.

We all love Russia very much. We do not want to live in this bloody concentration camp named after Petr Poroshenko.

The whole tragedy and hopelessness of the situation is that in Nikolaev and the region all polling stations and commissions are under the complete control of the SBU.

People lost faith literally in everything. They do not believe that their votes will be counted correctly. From the ex-employees of the SBU, it became known that, like March 31, on April 21 a massive falsification of votes will be carried out.
How to live in such a Ukraine?

Mikhail Onufienko, especially for “Naspradi”

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