Serbia: Army’s Anti-Coup Statement is Aimed at U.S Backed Provocateur Vuk Jeremic


BELGRADE – Responding to confusion that the previous statements from the Serbian Army might not be a direct reference to the U.S backed provocateur, Vuk Jeremic, and the One in Five Million opposition ‘movement’, Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin proceeded to answer questions arising from media and social media pundits.

He said that internal enemies are all those who would be violent to achieve anything. He made direct reference to the movement’s attempted take-over of the state-run TV station, ‘RTS’ (Radio and Television of Serbia) just recently.

Specifically, Vulin told the privately owned Pink television that yesterday’s announcement of the military top refers to “anyone who would like Serbia to be an unsafe place to live”.

Yesterday’s joint session of the Collegium of the Minister of Defense and the Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces announced that the Serbian Armed Forces will not be a means for the destruction of the duly authorized and legitimate government in Serbia, or any violent destruction of the constitutional order, nor will it allow any attempts of a coup.

Several months ago, the U.S attempted to declare Juan Guaido, then president of the National Assembly, as president of the entire Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. While this attempt failed, the U.S has moved into a newer phase of regime change strategies, adopting a method of confusing global and local authorities regarding the nature and control of once sovereign institutions. The coming statements from Serbian civilian and military officials appear to be aimed at rebutting any such possibility in Serbia.

Vulin told TV Pink that “the army deals only with the Constitution and the law” and that this message is “to those (provocateurs, opposition media, pundits, etc. – ed.) who believe that the army shouldn’t take a side“.

He said he did not want to see a repeat of the “scene of an intrusion into the RTS, or that some employees in media are afraid of someone breaking into the building” and added that “everything is tolerated only so long as there is no violence“. The storming of the ground-floor offices of RTS was carried out in part by the U.S sponsored provocateur, Vuk Jeremic and his liberal-nationalist alliance, co-sponsored by the ultra-right formation, Dveri.

Despite its Christian Orthodox and ostensibly Russophelic symbolism and references, they entered into an alliance with the DSS in the last election, who had at one time supported a position that Serbia should enter into NATO. The DSS has lost credibility in recent years, especially after engaging in post-election protest  in 2017 involving calls for violence, which fell close to the Eastern observation. During Passover, religiously observant Serbs are to refrain from violent speech and thoughts, and DSS and Dveri’s engagement in the protests appeared to contradict the ostensibly religious nature of the latter.  The leader of Dveri, Obradović, now an ally of the liberal Jeremic, had to issue a formal apology at that time. 

Vulin also stated that he always sees that any situation has a peaceful solution, and that this is the meaning of democracy and the only measure of anything.

“Let’s see what people think about each of us, as this is done in democratic countries,” he said. Speaking about the actions of certain parties and opposition leaders at the construction site at the Republic Square in Belgrade, he said that if he were a foreign investor, he would “never come where they are fighting in the streets”.

Vulin also asked who would be guilty of failing to complete the deadlines for the completion of works, as well as who would pay penalties in case of delay.

He said that he did not expect anything from the “One in five million” protests on Saturday, April 13th, and urged them not to be violent.

Jeremic, officially and openly backed by the U.S consular offices in Belgrade, as well as U.S financed alternative media including a campaign on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, has called for a ‘peaceful’ protest on April 13th unless Serbian President Vucic announces immediate new elections. There is no constitutional requisite for such early elections. These ‘peaceful’ protests would involve the in-fact violent and forceful blocking of roads and access to construction projects presently under way. The street blockage protest would include a coercive detainment of innocent Serbian bystanders and civilians,  who would be unable to travel unhindered to work, personal destinations, or to seek emergency medical treatment in such case.

The One in Five Million protest movement appears to have several hundred main activists, who are believed to be either party members of the extremist Dveri party,  or employees of other U.S backed NGO’s. These are commonly funded by George Soros or are connected to NGO’s who qualify for funding through various and difficult to police channels of the UN, USAID, and the U.S’ NED (National Endowment for Democracy).

Vulin said that since 2012 the army has been intensively armed with equipment and that Serbia today, among other things, has 14 MiG 29’s. NATO has repeatedly called on the Serbian government and state to reduce arms spending and to reduce the size of its military. 

Serbia has a large population of veterans of the last wars, still within fighting-age range. However, as part of this population has begun to age-out, and as Serbia relies on former military as a type of massive reserve force, the government – starting earlier this year – has re-instituted the selective service program, which soon will include mandatory part-time military training for young men.

Vulin, referencing the deteriorating situation in U.S/Albania occupied Kosovo, said that “Pristina with its unilateral acts is the biggest security challenge, and therefore the greatest risk for the entire region”.

“These are all non-convicted criminals who are protected from the western world from justice,” Vulin said, referring to the political top of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi who is a documented drug smuggler and child, organ, and sex-slave trafficker. He is a close ally and colleague of Madeline Albright, Wesley Clark, Jeffrey Epstein, and Hillary Clinton, and therefore believed by many to be a central suspect in various pedophilia ring investigations underway at the level of Interpol. 

Connecting these, Vuk Jeremic was Serbia’s Foreign Minister under the previous government of Serbia, which was installed by the U.S following the Color Revolution on October 5th, 2000, made possible by the NATO bombing of Belgrade in 1999. During his tenure as FM, Serbia failed to raise a thorough opposition to the break-away of Kosovo from Serbia. The U.S appointed human trafficker and drug smuggler, Hashim Thaçi, shares the same backers as Vuk Jeremic. 

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