“Socialism Will Win!” XJP Announces Preparations for ‘Long Fight’ Against Capitalism and the West

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BEIJING – In official commentary published this morning in China, Chinese leader Xi Jinping writes: “Developed Western countries have long-term economic, technological and military advantages over China, and the Communist Party of China (CPC) must understand that some of the leaders and the Western countries behind them will use their own strengths to criticize socialism.” These were among his comments in his article on the upholding and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the journal of the Chinese Communist Party “Qiushi” (“In Search of Truth”) today, April 1st. Xi Jinping, referred often in western press as XJP, is the current general secretary of the Central Committee of the CPC, and chairman of the People’s Republic of China.

After coming to power in China more than six years ago, the current leader of the most populated country, and the second largest world economy, stepped up efforts to ensure full loyalty and discipline in the ruling party, including the large-scale suppression of local corruption, warning that the survival of the CCP and the whole of China is at stake.

Referring to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels , the Chinese leader says that socialism will inevitably win over capitalism, but it will be a long historical process. According to Xi Jinping, China should “fully appreciate the objective reality of the long-term advantage that Western developed countries have in the economic, scientific and military fields, and conscientiously prepare for all aspects of long-term cooperation and (at the same time) the struggle between the two social systems.”

The Chinese Communist Party also had to “face the reality that some people compare the good qualities of the developed countries of the West with the shortcomings of the socialist development of our country and criticize it.” Although the CCP at one time made “big mistakes”, such as the “cultural revolution,” the history of the party is “on the whole, great,” the PRC chairman notes.

“Those who criticize the revolution that brought the Communist Party to power in 1949 are simply trying to provoke its overthrow”, he added.

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China, he believes, needs to adhere to the important economic reforms begun in 1978, without which the ruling party “could have perished,” writes Xi Jinping.

The CCP “may even have faced a serious crisis, such as the threat of the death of the party and the death of the country that the Soviet Union and the countries of Eastern Europe have already suffered.” But China, the CCP General Secretary stresses, has proven that skeptics are wrong.

“Both history and reality tell us that only socialism can save China. Only socialism with Chinese characteristics can develop China. This is a conclusion of the history and the choice of the people, ”concludes Xi Jinping.


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