SUCCESS! Putin-Kim summit ‘Corrected US diplomatic mistakes’

VLADIVOSTOK, RUSSIA - APRIL 25, 2019: North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un (L) and Russia's President Vladimir Putin clink glasses during a reception on behalf of Russia's President Vladimir Putin following Russian - North Korean talks at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on Russky Island. Valery Sharifulin/TASS
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MOSCOW – Russia’s Foreign Ministry official Maria Zakharova said the summit between Moscow and Pyongyang could be seen as a way to correct the mistakes of US diplomacy.

“If you look globally at what is happening in international relations now, do not consider the ‘troll’, especially for some kind of cynicism or sarcasm. But if you speak succinctly, this is, in general, a correction of the mistakes of American diplomacy,” she told radio station Ekho Moskvy.

Jong-un, held a meeting in Vladivostok on Thursday. Before the negotiations with the delegations, they talked bilaterally for almost two hours, double the time originally intended for this format.

On April 25, the Russian city of Vladivostok hosted a summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Kremlin adviser for international affairs, Yuri Ushakov, noted that the meeting would focus on a political and diplomatic solution to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Russian President Vladimir Putin said his personal meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was constructive and that the prospects for bilateral relations were discussed.

Kim Jong-un thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for a substantive dialogue on issues of mutual interest and expressed the hope that the negotiations would proceed in an equally constructive and useful manner.

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“Mr President, we have just had a very substantial exchange of views on matters of mutual interest and urgent matters, and I would like to thank you for the time I have spent with great pleasure, and I hope that our negotiations will continue in an equally useful and constructive manner,” said Kim on Thursday.

At the beginning of the negotiations with Putin, Kim thanked the Russian leader for finding time for the meeting and expressed “warm greetings on behalf of the [North Korean] government and people.”

“I have come to Russia to exchange views on the current situation on the Korean peninsula, which is now one of the most urgent issues on the international agenda, to discuss ways of peacefully resolving this issue and also to exchange views on the development of our bilateral relations accordingly with the demands of the new century,” added the North Korean leader.

Putin said he appreciated Kim’s efforts to secure peace on the Korean peninsula and said he was confident that the summit would strengthen ties between countries.

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