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BREAKING: Poroshenko Orders Militarization of Voting Stations, Deploys Special Forces to Ukraine’s Streets to ‘Protect Elections’

Published 2019-03-30 21:32:27 by Joaquin Flores in Eurasia, Headline-News, Ukraine

KIEV – Mar 30, 2019 @ 21:32 –  has ordered officers of the SBU and the police special forces to take all polling stations in the country under their protection for tomorrow’s major election. This was reported on the website of the Ukrainian SBU, as well as on the international portal of the Rada. The news has also been criticized by opposition parties. UPDATE: March 31st @ 8:20 – Election day morning – Ukrainian security forces fired on the outskirts of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic of Gorlovka with mortars of 120 millimeters, over a period of 26 minutes, the… Continue ->

Tags: Elections, Martial Law, Poroshenko, Ukraine, Voting

Why is Trump Facing a Massive Backlash from Militant Zionists Over Golan Heights Declaration?

Published 2019-03-30 20:49:07 by Joaquin Flores in Headline-News, Israel, Mena, Opinions, United-States

The internet is a fascinating place in part because of the opportunities it allows people to pick up all sorts of varying perspectives. While this may seem more than obvious, even cliched at this point, it’s important to realize that most people are creatures of habit, and stay within a particular corner of the internet – a set series of sites, a set number of people on twitter they follow, a set number of YouTube channels they check in on. And then of course there are the forced suggestions that social-media forces down content consumers’ throats. One of the most… Continue ->

Tags: Golan Heights, Israel, Netanyahu, Trump, Zionism

Why Do non-Americans Care About who Gets Elected in U.S Elections?

Published 2019-03-30 19:07:34 by Guest Author in Anglo-5, Entertainment, Greece-Eurasia, Headline-News, Opinions, Politics, United-States

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By George Ades – Why do I bother with who gets elected in US elections? Why do any of us who have no right to vote in that country bother? That’s a question I’m frequently asked by some Americans who see my posts as “meddling” in their domestic affairs. The answer is simple. Who you (Americans) vote for, affects me, it affects us, all of us irrespective of where we live. There may be little chance that you, as Americans, will have Bombs dropped on your heads from American planes, but that has been standard practice for the rest of… Continue ->

Tags: Ades, American Politics, Clinton, Cold War, Communism, Russia, Russiagate, Russophobia, Socialism, Trump, USA

U.S-UK ‘Special Relationship’ adds Intrigue to Fifteen-Thousand pro-Brexit Protesters Mobilized in London

Published 2019-03-30 10:59:33 by Joaquin Flores in Anglo-5, Eu, Headline-News, United-Kingdom

LONDON – Just over fifteen-thousand Leave supporters have protested at a total of two locations in Westminster against the delay to Brexit, on the day the UK had been due to leave the EU. A deepening crisis has stricken Britain, as public concerns grow that there is a lack of political will on the part of elected officials to carry out any Brexit, which voters supported in an historic referendum on June 23rd, 2016. Now, nearly three years later and without a deal in place as the due-date has passed, a major radicalization of the public is being further realized…. Continue ->

Tags: BBC, Brexit, England, Leave, Mobilization, Protest, UK

Who Created NATO? Arrows Point to UK, not U.S

Published 2019-03-30 09:46:15 by Matthew Ehret in Anglo-5, Canada, Conspiracy-Theories, Headline-News, Nato, United-Kingdom, United-States

March 28 saw the 70th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and while many commentators have used the opportunity to review this anti-Soviet bloc’s history as a tool of post WWII imperialism, a major fallacy is found across nearly every analysis which should be clarified immediately. The popular leftist narrative that is poisoned by this fallacy states that NATO was created as an American initiative in order to replace the British Empire as a global hegemon. This belief, as popular as it may be, is untrue and this will be clarified shortly. Upon a deeper review of the facts,… Continue ->

Tags: Analysis, Escott Reid, Fabian Society, Geopolitics, History, International Relations, NATO, Rhodes Scholars, Russia, United Nations, War, Winston Churchill

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