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ZAKHAROVA: Since Poroshenko lost to Putin, shouldn’t Putin be running Ukraine now?

Published 2019-04-26 22:54:40 by Joaquin Flores in Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, Ukraine

MOSCOW – “Petro Poroshenko lost the election to no one other than to Vladimir Putin”. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova , recalling how the current Ukrainian president opposed himself on billboards to the Russian president during the election campaign. “Either Poroshenko, or Putin,” said the slogans on these posters, and at the same time Poroshenko lost,” Zakharova said. “So Poroshenko didn’t lose the election to anyone but Putin?” Then, according to her, “Ukraine should obey the will of the one with whom Poroshenko lost to”. Zakharova described the reaction of the… Continue ->

Tags: Election, Poroshenko, Putin, Zakharova

Putin SLAMS criticism over Donbass citizenship move

Published 2019-04-26 21:20:58 by Paul Antonopoulos in Donbass, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, Ukraine

MOSCOW – There is nothing astonishing about Russia offering quick citizenship to people in eastern Ukraine, as other states have involved their compatriots for a long time in a similar way, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. Strong criticism of the Russian humanitarian initiative to accelerate citizenship is “strange,” Putin told reporters after meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Poland issued the “Karta Polaka” (Polish Card) for ethnic Poles in Ukraine, while Hungary and Romania issue passports under similar programs, he added. This is also the case for native Ukrainians who “feel connected to Russia” for various reasons, such as… Continue ->

Tags: Citizenship, Donbass, Passports, Putin, Russia, Ukraine

SUCCESS! Putin-Kim summit ‘Corrected US diplomatic mistakes’

Published 2019-04-26 20:20:29 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Headline-News, North-Korea, Russia

MOSCOW – Russia’s Foreign Ministry official Maria Zakharova said the summit between Moscow and Pyongyang could be seen as a way to correct the mistakes of US diplomacy. “If you look globally at what is happening in international relations now, do not consider the ‘troll’, especially for some kind of cynicism or sarcasm. But if you speak succinctly, this is, in general, a correction of the mistakes of American diplomacy,” she told radio station Ekho Moskvy. Jong-un, held a meeting in Vladivostok on Thursday. Before the negotiations with the delegations, they talked bilaterally for almost two hours, double the time… Continue ->

Tags: DPRK, Kim, Putin, Russia

VIDEO POLL: Russian passports in Donbass and Lugansk – What do the people of Donetsk think?

Published 2019-04-26 19:35:28 by Drago Victorien in Donbass, Donetsk, Eurasia, Headline-News, Lugansk, Russia

By Drago Victorien – Apr 26, 2019 Some have waited five years for this . . . and the moment has arrived: a decree on simplifying the procedure for obtaining Russian passports to the people in Donbass and Lugansk has been signed by Vladimir Putin. Western media has provided a picture that has disregarded the views of the residents of Donbass and Lugansk. What do the people actually think about obtaining Russian passports? Will they do it? If they do, will they leave? These are some opinions and decisions of people in Donetsk.

Tags: Citizenship, Donbass, DRP, Lpr, Passports, Putin, Russia

U.S ambassador threatens war with Russia, Moscow laughs-off empty threat

Published 2019-04-26 18:30:48 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, United-States

MOSCOW – Apr 26, 2019 – Russia’s Foreign Ministry official Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that Moscow regrets that the “language of sanctions and threats” has become the “visiting card” of the United States. In particular, the diplomat criticized the statements of the US ambassador to Russia, John Huntsman, who threatened Moscow with two North American aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea. Hunstman had stated that each aircraft carrier represents one hundred thousand tons of international diplomacy and shows Russia that if it really hopes to improve relations with the US, it has to stop destabilizing activities around the world…. Continue ->

Tags: Moscow, Russia, Threats, US, War

Call for Immediate Release of Native American medicine-man, arrested by puppet Moreno

Published 2019-04-26 17:04:32 by Guest Author in Canada, Ecuador, Headline-News, Latin-America, Propaganda

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“Freedom for Nicholas!” Nicolás, a Colombian-Canadian citizen and a healer educated in the traditions of traditional Central American and Andean medicine, is in prison. Under the command of the U.S satrap Lenin Moreno, he was detained at Quito airport on Friday, April 5, when he was carrying a cactus known as San Pedro. The San Pedro whose scientific name is Echinopsis pachanoi, is an entheogen used by Native American peoples more than five thousand years ago. There are many academic investigations and indexed publications on the medicinal use of San Pedro (plant also known as Wachuma). It is used in… Continue ->

Tags: Native Americans, New Resistance, Teokali Quetzalcoatl Native American Church

U.S powerless against “Hard to Kill” Latin American states with Russian backing

Published 2019-04-26 17:00:24 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Latin-America, Russia, United-States

NEW YORK – The US operation in Latin America could have a “historic chance” of increasing US President Donald Trump’s approval on the eve of the election, The Wall Street Journal wrote. Wall Street Journal columnist Walter Russell Mead recently wrote that the defeat of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro would have been a great success for the United States, but Russia’s support for Venezuela has disrupted the US plan. The political scientist from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Konstantin Blokhin said he believed that Maduro’s defeat could have been presented by the Trump administration as his greatest achievement of foreign… Continue ->

Tags: LATAM, Latin America, Russia, US, US Media, Wall Street Journal, Western Media

IN DEPTH: Libya – Has Russia Allied with Al Qaeda? Here’s Why Not

Published 2019-04-26 16:19:34 by FRN Editorial Board in Egypt, France-Eurasia, Headline-News, Isis, Libya, Mena, Opinions, Russia

By P. Antonopoulos, J. Flores, & V. Gujanicic TRIPOLI – Some protesters donning the infamous yellow vests were seen in the center of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, but unlike the demonstrations in France they have received little international attention. Are they a reflection of the rejection of ‘French support’ that General Khalifa Haftar receives from Macron, that has awakened ire in the area controlled by the so-called internationally recognized government? Or is this a concocted hi-jacking of the yellow vest trope, being used for ends entirely different from those of the yellow vests in France? Certainly putting yellow vests into… Continue ->

Tags: Egypt, Geopolitics, KSA, Libya, Multipolarity, Realpolitik, Russia, UAE

Russia warns that U.S may DOUBLE its military in Latin America

Published 2019-04-26 14:46:17 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Latin-America, Russia, United-States

MOSCOW – The US can increase its military contingent in Central and South America from 20,000 to 40,000 men, said Vice Admiral Igor Kostyukov, head of the Central Intelligence Department (GRU), the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Russia. “Although there is no direct military threat to US security in Latin America, Washington has a significant military presence [in the region.] The Joint Command of the US Armed Forces has implemented a contingent of 20,000 military personnel in Central and South America but in period of threats this may increase to 40,000 military personnel,” Kostyukov explained. According to him, the US… Continue ->

Tags: LATAM, Russia, US

Is the U.S Gearing up to INVADE Venezuela? Russia claims real signs exist

Published 2019-04-26 12:19:54 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Latin-America, Russia, United-States, Venezuela

MOSCOW – According to the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergei Naryshkin, Russia sees signs of preparation for a US military operation against Venezuela, but only time will tell whether such a plan will be realized or not. “Such signals do exist, but time will tell whether this plan will be realized,” said Naryshkin, stressing that the situation in the country is very tense. According to the director of the SVR, the actions of the West in Venezuela are cynical and are causing a humanitarian catastrophe in the vicinity of the United States itself. “The White House… Continue ->

Tags: Russia, US, Venezuela

Moscow market index hits record high

Published 2019-04-26 01:26:56 by Tom Winter in Eurasia, Finance, Headline-News, Russia Russian Stock Exchange breaks record The Moscow Stock Exchange Index (IMOEX) set a historic record of just under 2,600 points on Tuesday. Drivers of this growth included the securities of Lukoil, X5 Retail Group, Rosneft, Inter RAO and Russneft. The Russian energy sector benefited from the recently announced US embargo on Iranian oil, causing the Brent crude price on the London Stock Exchange to break more than $ 74, a high for the year. According to experts, the index could even grow to 2,700 points in the next few weeks. Also from Ostexperte, we find a potential spanner in… Continue ->

Tags: Economics, Finance, Nord Stream II, Russia, Stock Market

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