Traffic jams as public employees bussed in to root for Poroshenko in the debate

Military commanders to agitate among their troops for Poroshenko


Government electioneering shenanigans in behalf of Poroshenko show up in both the civilian and military sectors

Ukrainian media report massive traffic jams at the entrance to Kiev because of Poroshenko crowd

The police are trying to cope with the difficult traffic situation at the entrance to Kiev, which arose due to the large number of people arriving at the presidential candidates debate. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

“In connection with the debate between candidates for the presidency at the Kiev Olympic stadium there is a difficult transport situation at the entrance to the capital as people are brought in from all over the country,” – said the ministry’s  statement.

According to the Ukrainian edition of Strana, people are being taken by bus from all over the country. There is confirmation of this – photos of buses with state employees from three cities – Zaporozhye, Berdyansk, and Borodyanka. All the people being brought in will be present at the stadium to support the current president. This is mainly an administrative resource.

“People are being driven in like cattle to clap for their [expletive], who considers them to be his slaves …” – a local businessman,  anti-corruption activist Ivanishchev wrote on his Facebook page.

Earlier it was reported that 150 mobile Nazi groups were formed in Ukraine to disrupt the second round of elections: Radical groups of the Nazis are involved in preparing of actions to disrupt the second round of the presidential elections in Ukraine in the interests of the current president, Poroshenko.

This was announced today by the Donetsk Peoples Republic police, Eduard Basurin.“The headquarters of Poroshenko <…> gave the task of holding protests and rallies to prevent an election victory for (Vladimir) Zelenskyset to the heads of the controlled nationalist organizations UNA-UNSO *, Right Sector * and a number of others“
For this purpose, up to 150 mobile nationalist groups have been formed in the regions.”
In addition, according to Basurin, the commanders of the Ukrainian troops in the Donbass were instructed to intensify efforts to agitate the military in favor of Poroshenko.

The night before, residents of Kiev reported on a column of military equipment in the city.

According to independent Russian political scientist Alexander Asafov, provocations by Zelensky and Poroshenko headquarters are not excluded in Ukraine’s election campaign.

We also add that today Poroshenko appealed to the citizens of Ukraine to prevent the creation of Little Russia.

Yesterday April 18, he declared that he was not ashamed of  the five years of his presidency.

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