TRAITORS: Greek anarchists take responsibility for attack on Russian consulate in Athens

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ATHENS – A Greek anarchist group has assumed responsibility for attacking the Russian consulate in Athens in March, according to a statement posted on the group’s website.

In the statement, the group, which calls itself “FAI / IRF Conspiracy for Revenge”. The group points out that it “takes responsibility” for attacking the Russian consulate “with a grenade on March 22.”

They dedicated the attack to Mikhail Zhlobitsky, a 17-year-old anarchist killed in a suicide bombing at the regional offices of federal security service FSB in Arkhangelsk in October.

The Athens grenade explosion on March 22 caused no injuries. The consulate was closed at the time.

Domestic far-left outfits regularly carry out acts of violence against diplomatic missions in Greece.

FAI/IRF is associated with the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, a Greek anarchist group, several of whose members are serving long prison terms for letter bomb attacks.

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The attack was carried out by two unidentified people on a motorcycle, who threw explosives at a small guardhouse outside the Russian embassy’s office, causing minor damage.

The Greek Foreign Ministry condemned the attack and promised to take all necessary measures to investigate it and bring those responsible to justice. The agency added that the attack would not affect relations between states.

In late February the Russian consulate had been also targeted by a group of anarchists who held banners with slogans of support for Russian anarchists.

Anarchists in Greece have taken up the mantra of identity politics and are strongly against nationalism. It is for this reason they remain on the fringes of Greek leftism, being dwarfed by the popularity of the Syriza Party and the Communist Part of Greece. Despite this, they still make efforts to attack their enemies, usually resulting in no injuries. They mostly reside in the Exarcheia area of Athens which is also a haven for illegal immigrants and drug users.

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