U.S fears 5th generation Russian submarines – “they are afraid”


WASHINGTON DC – The Russian submarine fleet is outperforming the US fleet in terms of quality, says military specialist Aleksei Leonkov.

This opinion was expressed by the Russian expert to the Zvezda channel.

“The United States has started building 28 Virginia submarines, while Russia has only eight Yasen, but they are so afraid of our Yasen,” he said.

Meanwhile, Russia is developing the next generation of submarines.

“The fifth generation will outperform all Americans. This could be called the ‘silent hunter of American submarines and the American fleet,'” he said.

He noted that US hegemony in the ocean is coming to an end, adding that as far as the undersea fleet is concerned, Russia outperforms the US in terms of quality and China in its quantity to its competitor.

Earlier, The National Interest magazine reported that the US Navy plans to increase its fleet with unmanned combat ships. Such a decision results in the US Navy Command being concerned that large American ships, with hundreds of sailors, are vulnerable to Russian and Chinese missiles.

The US is developing sea-going Sea Hunter drones that would be able to conduct submarine searches, sail independently for two months and carry weapons. Sputnik reveals the possible characteristics of this “ghost fleet” of drone ships.

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The unmanned drill rig for US-powered submarine surveillance (ACTUV) was launched in 2010. The construction of the first drone ship took four years.

The vessel, with displacement of 145 tons and capacity to reach speeds of up to 30 knots, represents a trimaran with two diesel engines. Although the drone’s first model was not equipped with weapons, the Pentagon does not exclude that possibility. For example, they can be equipped with artillery, light weapons, laser and missile as well as electronic warfare systems.

The main mission of the Sea Hunter is the search and monitoring of diesel-electric submarines. A powerful hydroacoustic system and numerous radars and sensors allow you to determine the position of the ship and guide you along the way. In addition, the drone is able to correct the course according to the circumstances. The new drones are also expected to be useful for protecting attacker groups from aircraft carriers.

The US Navy has asked for 400 million dollars by 2020 to build two more drone ships. In total, in the context of a rapid development of the submarine forces of Russia and China, the Pentagon plans to spend $ 2.7 billion on the construction of ten of these vessels over the next five years.

According to the president of the St. Petersburg Submarine Club, Commander Igor Kurdin, the United States has always paid close attention to the detection and surveillance system of submarines of its probable enemy.

“Having great financial resources, the United States created the SOSUS stationary hydroacoustic surveillance system. It is a system of sensors and cables on the ocean floor that served as a barrier and that detected the location of the submarines when being crossed,” he explained.

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