U.S powerless against “Hard to Kill” Latin American states with Russian backing


NEW YORK – The US operation in Latin America could have a “historic chance” of increasing US President Donald Trump’s approval on the eve of the election, The Wall Street Journal wrote.

Wall Street Journal columnist Walter Russell Mead recently wrote that the defeat of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro would have been a great success for the United States, but Russia’s support for Venezuela has disrupted the US plan.

The political scientist from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Konstantin Blokhin said he believed that Maduro’s defeat could have been presented by the Trump administration as his greatest achievement of foreign policy, recalling that there were “victories” and hypothetical “statements about Daesh (ISIS) and the last summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.”

“A coup in Venezuela would be welcomed by the United States as a ‘domino principle,’ a sequence would be expected with Cuba, Nicaragua, etc. But that would hardly happen, because even without talking about Venezuela, Cuba, for example, say on a genetic level, they have become accustomed to a life of sanctions and unbelievable US pressure. Cuba is a ‘hard-to-kill’ country for the US,” the political scientist said.

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The Russian professor emphasized that the nations of Latin America see that Russia and China are interested in the continent and conclude that they are not ‘abandoned’ at the mercy of the United States and that they are no longer the (so-called) ‘backyard’ of the United States,” as Washington has been accustomed to.

What, for the political scientist, means moral support of Russia. Blokhin stressed that the US “ultimatum policy” will only remove Latin America from the United States.

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that as of May 2, a former ban on civil actions by US citizens against foreign companies that use properties confiscated by the Cuban government since Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution will be reinstated.

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