U.S strategy for Cuba ‘very unpredictable’ but Russia is there to help

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WASHINGTON DC – The Trump government announced on April 17 that it would suspend the ban on US citizens from claiming assets confiscated by the Castro government in the 1959 revolution. How will this affect Cuba?

José Gabilondo is a professor at the Faculty of Law of the International University of Florida and does not rule out that the new measure will affect the Cuban economy and dissuade foreign companies from continuing to invest on the island, as there may be an avalanche of lawsuits.

“That means there may be thousands of lawsuits against investors in Cuba,” he said.

As for the US decision, Gabilondo pointed out that Cuban-American citizens residing in the US are a very small number, but with “a disproportionate influence on US foreign policy,” because they have many “very capable” congressmen.

“[They have influence] through the electoral process in Congress, Cuban-Americans are concentrated in Florida, a very important electoral state,” he explained.

He says that the US goal in Cuba has been “for decades” to change the government, although it is a policy that has changed during the previous president’s term. Obama really took a step back and this was very significant,” he said.

With Donald Trump, “the strategy is being very unpredictable, not clear.” Most leaders are reluctant to take risks, he said, but Trump does not follow the conventional rules.

Gabilondo also pointed out that the countries that are at risk of seeing their investments impaired in Cuba are Spain and Canada, as they are the ones that invest the most. “I think they are the ones who will be most harmed,” he concluded.

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Russia will oppose illegal US sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela and do everything possible to support strategic partners in the Latin American region, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said.

On Wednesday, the United States sanctioned the Central Bank of Venezuela. According to US National Security Adviser John Bolton, the move against the Bolivarian financial institution should be seen as a serious warning by others, including Russia, of sending military assets to Venezuela to help Maduro stay in the country. power.

On the same day, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced annulment of an earlier ban on civil actions by US citizens against foreign companies that have used property confiscated by the Cuban government since Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution, coming into force from of May 2.

The introduction of new sanctions was justified by accusations against Cuban authorities of human rights violations, as well as Cuban support for Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, whom the United States considers to be illegitimate.

“We are concerned about continued US actions toward governments in the Latin American region. We see a policy of imposition, in our view, of completely unlawful sanction and other unlawful impacts,” Ryabkov said, commenting on recent Washington measures.

According to him, the United States openly declares a goal to demoralize and weaken Cuba and Venezuela and “to achieve changes in the political course of the countries mentioned in accordance with Washington’s will.”
Venezuela and Cuba are our allies in the region, they are our strategic partners and we will do everything possible so that they can feel our support,” said Ryabkov.

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