UKRAINE ELECTION RESULTS: Poroshenko Stuns, Makes Run-Off – Tymoshenko Cries Foul

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KIEV – The Central Election Commission of Ukraine has processed more than 51.01% of the ballots as of 8:40 am on April 1. The relevant data was published on the CEC website through the information and analytical system “Elections”.

According to estimates, the actor and T.V star Vladimir Zelensky is in the lead with 30.21% of Ukrainians voting for him. In second place is the current head of state, Petro Poroshenko , for whom 16.65% of citizens voted. Closing the top three – the leader of “Batkivschiny” Yulia Tymoshenko ,with 13.08% of the vote.

According to the final data of the National exit poll, Zelensky is in the lead with the result of 30.6% of the votes, Poroshenko is in second place – 17.8% of the respondents voted for him, Tymoshenko has 14.2% of the votes of the respondents.

Several days before election day, Tymoshenko had a 5 point lead over Poroshenko. While it was expected that Zelensky would take the first round, Poroshenko’s team only needed to make second place to make it to the run-off, which will be held in three weeks on April 21st.

Within 72 hours before election day, and without any particular news that would have precipitated any change afterwards, Poroshenko consistently lagged in third place. Then, within two days of the election, an ‘ upset’ poll that began to circulate widely in Ukrainian media showed him trending in second.

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If Poroshenko had lost this election by placing third, or loses the April 21st run-off, he loses the associated legal immunities that the head of state enjoys: it is believed by many experts that he would face prosecution on an array of corruption charges.

The day before the election, Poroshenko ordered the SBU and special forces of the police to patrol the streets and seize control of the polling stations.

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In addition, the CEC announced the final voter turnout data: it was 63.52% in 199 districts. At the same time in the Lviv region, it was the highest – 68.88%. However more than 10 million Ukrainian citizens did not vote in the elections. Over a million who have fled Ukraine for reasons of war and the collapsed economy in Russia, were deprived the right to vote in an historic disenfranchisement move on the part of the Kiev junta. 

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