Ukraine, Syria and Venezuela: The Price the World Pays for A Failing Unipolar System

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MOSCOW, Russia – The chairman of the Russian Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Konstantin Kosachev, believes that everything that is happening in Ukraine, Syria and Venezuela is a result of the confrontation between the unipolar and multipolar world concepts.

What happens in Ukraine, Syria or Venezuela is the price the world pays for the unipolar system,” Kosachev wrote on Facebook. The senator recalled the events in the former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya and stressed that the inability to influence what happened in those countries led to “an increase in the appetite of those who have imposed forced solutions to other countries.”

He also pointed out that some Western countries attribute a certain price to many political issues. “I think this is a fundamental difference between the principles and values ​​on which the foreign policy of Russia and Western countries is based, whose heads tell us constantly about price.”

Kosachev explained that the issue of costs and benefits is central to the foreign policy of Western countries, investing in nations with their eyes on oil, market, territory, military base and other advantages.

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“For the Russians, the price does not matter, as it was in the case of the Crimea, because there are people there, not territory, and in Venezuela or Syria, it is not a prospective profit either – international order, the confrontation between the concepts of the law of force and the force of law, the models of the unipolar world and the multipolar world.”

In this context, in commenting on possible US sanctions for Russia’s support for Venezuela, the Russian senator emphasized that “new sanctions are better than new victims.” In late March, US envoy to Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, threatened Moscow with measures if it continued to support the Venezuelan government.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the world was ruled by a unipolar order led by the United States. However, the rise of China and a resurgent Russia has seen a restoration of a multipolar world order that the United States is desperately trying to fight against.

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