U.S utterly failed, lost control over Venezuela situation

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WASHINGTON DC – On Wednesday the US imposed new sanctions against the Central Bank of Venezuela. Meanwhile, political scientist Vladimir Shapovalov said that all the sanctions that the United States could have adopted against Venezuela have already been adopted.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said the new sanctions introduced by the US will give new strength to the country.

“The sanctions are absolutely immoral, the central bank is not sacred. Let me say that the sanctions give us even more strength,” Maduro said in a statement broadcast on state television.

According to the words of the Venezuelan leader, the Central Bank of Venezuela will eventually overcome these difficulties.

John Bolton, a US National Security adviser, announced on April 17 that he would introduce new sanctions against the Central Bank of Venezuela. The restrictions should also warn third countries, including Russia, against any deployment of military forces in Venezuela aimed at supporting President Nicolas Maduro, Bolton said.

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Political scientist Vladimir Shapovalov, deputy director of the Institute of History and Politics of the State University of Pedagogy in Moscow, commented on the situation.

He stressed that these are not the first sanctions introduced against Venezuela. And that the US is pressuring Caracas in various ways, including using the language of ultimatums and threats.

“This [measure] has an ostensible character, and by definition it can not have serious effects. Everything that the US could have done has done nothing but direct military intervention, but during the crisis that lasted three months, the US-appointed president failed to take control of the country’s power, so it is obvious that the US is losing control of the situation in Venezuela and demonstrates its inability to organize a coup,” said Vladimir Shapovalov.

On January 21 mass protests began in Venezuela for and against the current president Nicolás Maduro. After the demonstrations began, Juan Guaidó declared himself acting president. Russia, China and other nations support the legitimate Venezuelan president.

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