VIDEO – Communist Kurginyan explains why Zelensky is Status Quo but creates new possibilities


Vesti News says –

<<Sergei Kurginyan, leader of the movement Essence of Time: “The elections in Ukraine are a triumph for Russia and a defeat for anti-Russian Ukraine. It’s the shocking and terrible defeat of that Ukraine. What will happen next? Nothing good can happen in these Ukrainian politics. The level of uncertainty will increase. Fluctuations in this politics will increase because the people have now shown a lack of serious attitude.”>>

Russia is doing some very interesting info-war here, claiming that they see it as a victory is meant to drive certain circles close to power, but not exactly in power, quite mad indeed. Those of course immediately in power know the score. This will sow enough confusion if the meme spreads, even if the tropes it’s based on are superficial at best.

He does include the line which is in the title’s description, in a sense. He arrives at in a sort of convoluted way. Reading between the lines, tells a different story.

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If Zelensky means a new alliance between the Kolomoisky branch and the Akhmetov branch, against the policy of ‘self-destruction of profit margins’ which Poroshenko’s ‘suicide mode’ Ukraine has endured for the past five years, then the info-war may reflect a very real reality at the same time.

Russian official media is willing to openly discuss Kolomoisky, but not Akhmetov. In fact, official media like TASS report that Akhmetov supported Poroshenko ‘avidly’, even.


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