VIDEO – THE COMING BATTLE FOR TRIPOLI: Why Does Haftar Have the Advantage?

By Vladimir Gujanicic


By Vladimir Gujanicic – At this moment we are witnessing a very important battle that began with the capital of Tripoli Libya. The forces of General Haftar are advancing from the south and have already taken over international airports. The Tripoli militias send aid to their allies in Tripoli to stop this inevitability.

General Haftar’s attack began with great pomp, as it could be regarded as the “mother of all” battles during the years of civil war. The first news that was released after the start of the operation was related to the local defeat of the forces loyal to Haftar in which over 140 fighters were captured with several pickups armed with anti-aircraft guns. However, in spite of the original media hysteria that made big news from this small defeat, things on the field are the logic of military mathematics, and Haftar as well as thinking people all know this.

The forces that defend Tripoli are fewer and the attacker has the advantage of choosing the direction of the attack. The situation on the ground is developing in such a way that Haftar is burdening the front in several directions so that any local victory of the Tripoli defense team is out of the question. With the passage of one direction and the inclusion of reserves, the defense counsel of Tripoli must further shorten their defensive line, making their defense all hopeless and narrowing down the proctor of action.

The Battle of Tripoli is of strategic importance to the Misurata militia that held a large part of the cake of Libya after the liquidation of Gaddafi. At present, all available reinforcements from Misurata are heading to Tripoli.

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The reason? They know they are next. If General Haftar takes over Tripoli, the battle for Misurata is already resolved from the aspect of resources. Because of this, the Misurata militants know that this battle for them is a matter of life and death. If the losses will continue to lead the war that they have lost in the past, all their victims so far from the war against Gaddafi seem completely in vain. This very simple calculation takes them to the last desperate attempt.

The current battlefield is south of Tripoli at a distance of 10 to 40 km. For now, the forces of General Haftar are progressing rapidly, and it seems that the Tripoli defense forces have decided not to lead a triumphant battle outside Tripoli, but rather to hunker down, to concentrate on the defense of the urban areas of Tripoli, in order to shake the forces of the defense in street fighting and thereby postpone the fall of Tripoli. The current course of the fight has shown that the maneuvering war has been lost and that with active defense they are not able to counteract the emerging Haftar forces.

General Haftar and Russian Naval Forces

According to the most up-to-date information, the National Force is already 10km from Tripoli and has occupied the small cities of Asia, Suq al Khamis, Sabiah. The Battle of Tripoli will reach its peak in the coming days.

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