Washington uses Colombia for ‘cheap tricks’ against Venezuela


CARACAS – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was accused by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza of using tensions on the Colombian border to carry out an advertising maneuver as part of a defamatory campaign against Caracas.

The Colombian city of Cúcuta, located near the border with Venezuela, has been transformed by the US and Colombia into a “regular stage for its most decadent and cheap spectacles,” Arreaza tweeted on Sunday in response to Pompey’s visit to the region.

“Confirmed !: Washington and Bogota ratify Cúcuta as the usual scenario of their most decadent and cheap shows. The adulation and servility show of today with @ SecPompeo , is an anthology. Meanwhile, the abandoned town of Cúcuta lives on the Venezuelan economy,” he said.

“The level of cynicism of @ SecPompeo is too shameless . The consequences of the criminal blockade of his government against Venezuela are unquantifiable. It has generated death, suffering and need. And with his face so washed, he insists on the false humanitarian aid of the Cucuta show,” the chancellor continued on Twitter.

Rampage at the border was also exacerbated by opposition efforts to bring trucks laden with US-sponsored aid to Venezuela, whose deliveries were denied by officials who called it a “public relations maneuver” movement.

During his stay in Cúcuta, Pompeo met with a group of Venezuelan migrants and once again asked Caracas to accept American “humanitarian aid.” The Bolivarian country has stated that it will only accept aid sponsored by the UN and global humanitarian aid organizations such as the Red Cross.

On Sunday, Pompeo criticized Maduro further, saying that the US will continue to use all economic and political means available to help the Venezuelan people, mentioning economic sanctions and visa revocation for Venezuelan officials to pressure the government to succumb to the opposition.

Washington openly supports opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who has declared himself interim president of Venezuela on January 23. Meanwhile, Maduro promised to continue defending the nation’s sovereignty against any foreign attack, receiving support from Russia, China, Cuba, Bolivia, Iran and Turkey, among other countries.

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