What Just Happened in Venezuela? The Guardian LIES, reports of shooting, and Lopez escapes!

By Michael Martinez


By Michael Martinez – Miami Hands-Off Venezuela Committee

Apparently, the US Backed Venezuelan opposition, which is also fed by Colombian mercenaries and has the full support of the Colombian State, has just put into motion a coup attempt which has failed miserably.

The operation consisted of a three pronged attack that was suppose to act as a catalyst for the overthrow or at best, surrender by Nicolas Maduro of the presidency by resignation. None of which has happened. It seems Maduro is willing to die for the cause, before ever surrendering power.

Editor’s note – here’s how the Atlanticist-obedient Guardian covered the events, interesting footage, volume at zero until you’re ready for media criticism! Check out how they have framed it, and compare it to Cambridge  Dictionary and, well, what everyone else means by ‘Uprising’. Without splitting hairs, bear in mind also that the use of ‘But’ as the lead-in, implies that something previously had been established contrary to the Venezuelan government’s assessment –  but this was not and is not the case! – J. Flores

The three pronged attack consisted of first, the forceful breaking out and escape of Leopoldo Lopez from house arrest. Second, and most importantly they attempted to storm a Bolivarian air force base filled with military helicopters. Third, Juan Guaidó gave a Public Press Conference simultaneously as the other two actions were taking place, calling on the Venezuelan masses to hit the streets and protest at the Altamira Highway Interchange, where an Opposition Military Force had occupied the area. Declaring that it was all over for Maduro and calling on him to resign and turn himself in.

The guards at La Carlota Air Base were caught off guard by the attack, but were quickly able to defeat the coup plotters and defend the airbase without any casualties.

The break in at Leopoldo Lopez’s house was only possible because his house is situated in the wealthiest suburb of Caracas, the opposition’s bastion. The coup plotters were able to outnumber the few guards that were there to make sure the prisoner complied with his sentence.

Opposition people came out to the streets, and there are still skirmishes and gun-fire coming from the Altamira Highway Interchange area where the opposition and the Loyal Maduro people are facing off against each other.

Masses of Maduro supporters also took the streets and surrounded the Presidential Palace at Miraflores, in support of Nicolas Maduro.

Jorge Arreaza, Venezuelan Foreign Minister has stated, that every single military installation in Venezuela is under the complete control of the Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela loyal to President Maduro and the Bolivarian Constitution of Venezuela. There is no fighting going on against any of them.

The only fighting going on, is among civilians and hired Colombian mercenaries at the border of wealthy East Caracas in Altamira, (This place is like the Beverly Hills of Venezuela); that are shooting at the police and armed forces officers.

My conclusion is that although this coup attempt has been a military failure, the fighting on the streets are going to cause casualties. These casualties will then be used to make the case for a full scale US military intervention on the basis of Human Rights violations that they created.

This whole situation could very well have been phase 1 of a full scale US invasion plan. Ultra-Right Wing politicians in the US, like Florida’s Republican Senator Rick Scott are already calling for a full scale US invasion of Venezuela.


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