Why does Russia plan to equip submarines with 200 Carrier Destroyer Kalibr missiles?

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MOSCOW – According to Vice Admiral Oleg Burtsev, Russia could equip its giant submarines with hundreds of Kalibr, Oniks and Tsirkon missiles.

Russia already has a lot of experience in the total modernization of submarines. In the late 1960s, three Navaga 667 strategic submarines were transformed into multipurpose nuclear attack submarines. The fifth compartment with ballistic missile launchers was replaced by a new one with eight torpedo tubes. The three ships were part of the Northern Fleet until the 2000s.

However, the effect of the Akula modernization could be even greater, experts tell Military Watch Magazine.

Equipped with about 200 Kalibr missiles, the submarines are able to neutralize a group of aircraft carriers with all their cruisers and destroyers. The antisubmarine version of the Kalibr reaches a speed of 3 Mach (about 3,579 kilometers per hour) which hinders its interception. The missiles can be directed from the submarine, as well as by external designation, for example, by airplanes.

In addition, the Akula can be equipped with supersonic Oniks missiles and Tsirkon hypersonic missiles.

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This much faster, more maneuverable and precise missile will make the submarine an even more serious threat to enemy ships, allowing it to carry out attacks at greater distances, allowing Akula to be in a relatively safe response, the portal said.

The US is also modernizing its underwater fleet. For example, in the four American nuclear submarines of the Ohio class, the Trident I ballistic missiles were withdrawn and the missile launchers were replaced. Now each modernized submarine can carry 154 Tomahawk missiles.

The predecessor of Kalibr-M has already been used in Syria for the destruction of land targets and missiles were launched from submarines. Kalibr was first designed to surpass US Tomahawk missiles, which are becoming outdated.

US Navy commander in Europe, Admiral James Foggo, said that if Kalibr is launched from the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea or Caspian Sea, it can reach any European capital.

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