Why might Russian Su-57 be a hit in the global arms market?

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MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian Su-57 fighter is not yet part of the Russian Armed Forces, but has successfully conducted tests in Syria and, unlike the American F-22 and the Chinese J-20, created to be used only in manufacturing countries, the Su-57 was developed for Russian Aerospace Force and for foreign clients.

The Russian Su-57 will be the second fifth-generation fighter to be offered to foreign customers. The first was the American F-35, but you cannot compare them, because the American aircraft is lighter and is not designed for air superiority missions.

The US fifth-generation F-35 aircraft carries half of the air-to-air missiles carried by Russian Su-57 fighters and has only one engine, which makes it slower and less maneuverable. In this context, Military Watch writes that the superior performance specifications of the Russian Su-57, combined with the low price that can become even cheaper with the start of mass production, can make it very attractive for export.

Unlike the US, which banned the sale of F-22s to other countries and are selective when it comes to exporting F-35, Russia has been willing to sell the Su-57 to all potential customers, ie those interested in buy what they can not – F-22 or F-35, will still have the Russian option of fifth generation.

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For example, the United Arab Emirates tried to buy American F-35, but pressure from Israel, which did not want to lose air superiority, stopped the deal. Saudi Arabia was not interested in buying F-35, opting for heavier twin-engined airplanes like the F-15SA.

The Su-57 may be of interest to the Saudi military for being able to give them superiority over modern fighter aircraft in neighboring countries: on Turkish F-35 and on Qatarian F-15QA.

In this way, the Su-57 can significantly reduce the dependence of the armies of different countries on the equipment of western countries, having ample perspectives in the world-wide market.

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