Why the US fears the development of new Russian submarines


WASHINGTON DC – The Russian submarine fleet is surpassing the US fleet in terms of quality, said military expert Alexei Leonkov to Russian channel Zvezda.

“The United States plans to build 28 Virginia submarines, while Russia has only eight Yasen – they are so afraid of our Yasen,” the analyst said.

Meanwhile, Russia is developing the next generation of submarines.

“The fifth generation will surpass the technical parameters everything that the Americans have, it can be called ‘silent hunter of the American submarines and the US fleet,'” he said.

The expert noted that US hegemony in the ocean is coming to an end. According to Leonkov, Russia outperforms the US in terms of quality and China in terms of quantity.

However, not only the development of new Russian submarines worries the Americans, but also the unusual use of the old ones. In early April, Russian Vice Admiral Oleg Búrtsev said, quoted by Russian media, that the nuclear submarines of the 941 Akula project (Typhoon, according to the NATO classification), withdrawn from the Northern Combat Fleet, could become carriers of high precision non-nuclear missiles. They are capable of carrying up to 200 Kalibr and Onix cruise missiles on board, and in the near future, could serve as a launch pad for the Tsirkon hypersonic missile.

The American newspaper Military Watch analyzed these statements by the Russian Vice Admiral.

“Equipped with 200 cruise missiles each, the Typhoon Class would be the most heavily armed submarine in the world – more than the American Ohio Class ships which carry 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles. Vice Admiral Burtsev stated regarding the plans for the Typhoon Class, which would outgun all rival warships including the latest surface destroyers: “American Ohio Class submarines can carry 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles and Chinese Type 055 destroyer is capable of carrying 112 cruise missiles. But our frigates belonging to the Project 22350 can currently carry only 16 of them. Subsequent frigates will get 24 of them. It is still insufficient,”” said to the authors.

At the same time, the Tsirkon missile, “more precise and more maneuverable,” according to the newspaper, “would make the Typhoon Class a far more credible threat to enemy warships – and allow it to engage them at far greater ranges at which it would be relatively safe from retaliation.” However, it would be very expensive to equip these submarines with the Tsirkons, journalists added.

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